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Hi! I’m Chelsea and I help the multitasking mom make healthy decisions for her family, without breaking the bank or putting herself on the back burner.

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I got kicked out of a mom’s group for being too positive, and decided it was time to make my own. With another inspiring Activated Mom.

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Chelsea Fournier

Simple Crustless Quiche

Nourish Your Family: Grain-Free Breakfast Batch Cooking I believe that as a busy, multitasking mom, who cares about making healthy choices, you can enjoy the process of nourishing your family, not just feeding them. In

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Hi, Chelsea Fournier here.

In my late 20’s I received a health diagnosis that caused me to overhaul my life and health. Since 2013, I have embraced the life of a biohacker, looking for ways to uplevel my health, focus, motivation, and energy with lifestyle, nutrition, and product regimens that make me feel amazing.  As a new mother, I started to see my lifestyle focused on movement, good nutrition, and health hacks becoming more and more challenging, and old patterns of poor physical & mental health spiraling in AND I KNEW better. I realize that so many moms are overwhelmed by all they have to juggle, are constantly multitasking and thinking about 100 things at once, and don’t know where to start.


And putting themselves and their own energy, focus & motivation first is not usually one of those whirring thoughts. In fact they may feel major mom guilt for putting time or money towards their own self-care or health. So I am dedicated to helping the multitasking mom make healthy decisions for her family, without breaking the bank or putting herself on the back burner. I believe that mom guilt and burnout should not be badges of honor in the game of motherhood, and I want to help women discover how good their bodies and minds can feel, on the journey to becoming an Activated Mom. I believe that most of us truly don’t know how good our bodies are made to feel. I want to help you find out for yourself.


I am a (recovering) lawyer, a coach, and a leader in network marketing. I am the lucky mama to the sweetest Baby E, wife to amazing adventure buddy Bernie, and a biohacker for life. Come learn more about how to hack your health and your lifestyle with me.

If my story is speaking to you, you aren’t sure where to get started, or you have specific questions, go ahead and book a free 15 minute Focus & Power Up Call. Let’s dive in together!