3 Communication Tips To Come Across Clearly & Sincerely As You Share Your Products & Business – Chelsea Fournier

3 Communication Tips To Come Across Clearly & Sincerely As You Share Your Products & Business

Let’s chat today about why I don’t share scripts – and how they might be hurting your business


News flash! Not everyone is going to agree with what I share today. Some trainers really adhere to sharing scripts with your team. If it’s your jam and it’s working that’s cool. But what I have found is that entrepreneurs in our industry actually want to feel like a professional. They want to feel like themselves when they are networking about their business. They don’t want to feel like they need to sound like someone else, and get weird stares from their friends about what they are saying.


If you are truly looking to become a leader and strong earner in your network marketing company, you must learn how to coach people into their own language so they feel more confident, and you can help them get better results.


The #1 question I hear on a daily basis (in some iteration) is this:

What should I say to this person?


If it’s not those exact words, it is something like this:

How would you reply to this?

How should I approach this person?

What’s the right thing to say back to this question?


Here’s the deal. You think you are a totally normal person, have the whole “talking thing” down, and then you start a network marketing business. All of a sudden you are questioning everything you say. You want to be effective. You don’t want to be pushy. You want to come across as helpful but urgent. You hear all these mixed messages and all of a sudden you are doubting everything that comes to your mouth (or fingertips if you are typing).


You start questioning every instinct you have as to what you want to say, and wonder if your upline would say it better, or if you need to watch just one more training to get a slick phrase that will work even better.


This is a crappy feeling. You want to feel empowered, and you want your team to feel empowered to be themselves. It feels super awkward to use someone else’s words. And if someone on your team feels like they need to sound just like you – they are never going to find their own voice.


So how do you lead yourself (and then lead your team) with some training wheels, to offer guidance, without giving people a complex that every reply and message needs to be perfect?


I am totally down with formats, bullet points, things to focus on in certain situations. So today’s video blog is all about frameworks you can use and teach in your team to help you explore your own language, with some proven approaches.


Specifically, I cover 3 Communication Tips To Come Across Clearly & Sincerely As You Share Your Products & Business

  1. Who is this person, why did you think of them, and how would you normally reach out to them?

  2. No block messages! What is a statement & question combo that can move the conversation forward?

  3. Are you asking the clear question you really want the answer to? Or are you avoiding being clear because you fear being pushy?

These 3 communication tips help you to really focus on what this is all about. You are now a professional conversation starter. You will continue to hone your skills (yes communication is a skill).


Remember bowling with bumpers in the gutters as a kid? What if you adopt & master these 3 tips as your bumpers? Then you can find your own voice. And you can teach these as guidelines and help your team members find their own voice faster.


It doesn’t matter what works. It matters what duplicates. Some simple scripts to invite to a specific type of event may work for some people who really want verbiage to use. But the sooner you empower and teach your team to be inspired to start & continue conversations on their own, the faster your team will duplicate. Make sense?


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3 Communication Tips To Come Across Clearly & Sincerely As You Share Your Products & Business // Chelsea Fournier

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