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3 proven steps to boost confidence

I am genuine and transparent – perhaps to a fault. I have always hated the phrase “fake it til you make it” – who wants to be a fake and “dupe” people into believing them that they have made it? Wouldn’t it be more genuine to work hard to add value to others as you grow into your next phase and level of competence and expertise? I prefer transparency to “faking it.”

But how do you overcome the fear of not being perfect? Of getting out and trying something before you feel ready? What’s the magic secret to playing bigger? The secret is confidence. And confidence is NOT something you are born with. It is something you can hone and grow intentionally.

There is nothing more attractive or dynamic than a conversation with a confident person who can paint the vision of where they are headed next with conviction and excitement. This is my goal. To present myself with genuine confidence. To be the person people can put trust in following.

I prefer the phrase “faith it until you make it” – because it can be incredibly powerful to create a plan to achieve something and have unshakeable faith and commitment to making it work. Since confidence is a muscle and it’s good to have a workout routine you can trust – here are the top 3 ways to boost your confidence and increase your faith and belief in yourself.

To go deeper into this topic, check out the 3 topics below – and if the action part is your stumbling block, my video below on “embracing the suck” to get into action might be just the thing for you.


1. Be Authentic.

Don’t be a closet dreamer. If you really want your dreams to come true you need to be bold enough to share your dreams and plans with other people. A good question to ask yourself is this: Do my closest friends and family know what my vision for my life is?

It can be scary and vulnerable to share your ideas, dreams, and plans with others. But putting yourself out there and being honest about what you want to have happen in your life and business is critical to having your dreams and aspirations come true. If you are too embarrassed to let your spouse or best friend know that you want to become a top earner in your business, or that you want to quit your day job and open a bed & breakfast, or that you are planning a 3 month trip to Europe.

Why should we embarrassed about wanting more out of life? Your playing small does not serve the world. I often hear people saying they don’t want to share their dreams with other people, because they don’t want to get their hopes up. What a HORRIBLE phrase. I say get your freaking hopes up. Get them up as big as possible, because no one is going to dream bigger for you than you will. So dream big and share it with others.

If the people in your corner know your dreams, they can help you through the bad times, overcome failures, and celebrate the successes you will have. If they don’t know what you are working towards they will likely be non-supportive, skeptical, or even try to talk you out of putting effort into making a change.
So give yourself permission to be who you really are and bring others into the mix. Maybe you will even inspire them to dream bigger or come out of the “dream closet.”

Authenticity – are you confident in who you are and do you freely express that to other people? Just by owning who you are and what you want – you will begin to feel your confidence and vibration raise up.

2. Take Action

Are you consistently taking action towards the things that you truly desire in life? Owning your dreams and being authentic is the first step. But the next step is taking action. Of course this may seem counter-intuitive. If you were scared to take action because you lacked confidence in the first place – why am I now saying you need to take action to boost your confidence?

Here’s the deal. There is no shortcut to living an extraordinary life. You are probably never going to feel like doing the hard things. You are going to have to do it anyway. But the second you take action towards what you really want – things shift. Because the first time you do something is always the scariest.

It is easy to make up huge stories in our mind about how long something will take that we have never done. Or how horrible we will be. But once you do it once, you have overcome the mental hurdles and have a better sense of your starting point. Just having that knowledge because of context will boost your confidence immensely.

So take action before you are “ready.” If your first execution of anything new comes across perfectly – you waiting way too long to get started and likely wasted tons of time and money studying and perfecting. Get out there. Get a little messy. People will respect you for it, and you will be well on your way.

If you literally do ONE small thing each day that moves you towards your goals – you feel more confident and will likely be eager to take on more. So stop getting ready to get ready. Take a small action and see how it feels.

3. Adopt a Mindset of Adapting

To be completely honest – you are going to have some stumbling blocks. If being an entrepreneur were easy – everyone would do it and be earning their ideal incomes. So you need to consider and hone how you adapt and handle change or short-term failure.

Your first live video may have 0 viewers. Your business plan may get rejected by the bank. Your ideal client may say they aren’t interested in what you are offering.

How do you handle negative situations in life? Rejection? Losses? Lack of interest in what you are doing?

A mindset of adaptation takes 100% responsibility for what happens. I would encourage you to see your path and journey as 100% unique and your success (or failure) as 100% up to you. When you take full responsibility for your actions and your results is when your confidence will skyrocket and the results you seek will follow.


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