5-Day Challenge:
Simple Strategies to Attract Your Ideal Customers & Team Members Through Your Facebook Profile
Master the art of posting with a purpose, to attract leads and achieve influencer status - so that you never run out of eager & interested people to talk to about your products & business.
This challenge will teach you:
  • How to stay high vibe & high visibility requires a certain mindset and to release doubt and overwhelm!
  • How to get clear on how you want to show up online and topics top post on to attract like-minded leads who want what you have.
  • Why planning out your profile and posts allows more ease in your day and opens up time for money making conversations.
  • How to turn leads into prospects, through clear conversation with confidence and clarity.
  • How to map out powerful power hours in your business, that balance efficiency with authenticity.
You'll see amazing shifts even before the 5 days of the challenge are over!
Course Curriculum:
Challenge Day 1
  • How To Find Another You - Staying High Vibe And Raising Your Visibility  
Challenge Day 2
  • Magnetizing Your Facebook Profile & Brand (My 3 Bucket System) 
Challenge Day 3
  • Mix & Match - Planning Your Personal Profile With Ease & Efficiency 
Challenge Day 4
  • Confidence & Clarity Around Your Rockstar Online Workflow 
Challenge Day 5
  • Becoming a Power Hour Master & Duplicating Your Success
Learn What To Do With The Leads You Are Drawing To Your Magnetic Timeline To Drive Sales & Recruits Behind the Scenes.
Who is Chelsea Fournier?

Chelsea Fournier is a lawyer by trade and an entrepreneur by heart. She is now a professional network marketing entrepreneur and also a coach and trainer for others in the profession looking to find authentic, efficient, and impactful ways to grow their business through social media with integrity and results. 

Chelsea helps network marketing & direct sales entrepreneurs create a real game plan for how to use social media to grow a brand and a business online without overwhelm or confusion. 

Hundreds of students and clients tune in to Chelsea’s weekly trainings to learn simple systems to confidently implement and teach in their teams to experience massive momentum, and have fun growing a business online.  

She is a native of Maine, and a current digital nomad exploring the country, growing her business and helping her students & clients via online methods. Her husband Bernie and little black cat Nora are part of the adventure as well.

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