A bigger vision – discovering your talent – Chelsea Fournier

A bigger vision – discovering your talent

It may not be surprising to you, that I am often asked the question: “so why did you go to law school and become a lawyer, and then go off in a different direction?”

Some people ask this out of true curiosity. Many also ask it very judgmentally.

I get it. I had to really ask myself this question preemptively before I decided to rock the boat and make big changes in my career and life. I had invested 3 years of my life in schooling, and my first years out in the day to day grind to hone my skills. Was I ready to walk away from a profession that many aspire to rise to?

It wasn’t an impulsive decision for me. I started interviewing and having coffee with people using professional degrees in non-traditional ways. I started side hustles. I booked speaking engagements before I really felt “ready” to be out there. I launched a podcast. I entered and won a business plan competition.

All of this while still clocking in and showing up to get my billable hours in for my primary profession and commitment.

This is why I call myself an intentional entrepreneur. It may have been easier to just stay the course, earn a steady income, and use my skills in the way they are typically implemented. But I intentionally sought out ways for me to step into a whole new profession and use of my skills.

And my answer kept coming back to this.

Just because I am good at what I do, doesn’t mean it’s the biggest way for me to make an impact on the world.

If this type of reasoning and motivation is also a driver for you, to pursue developing your talents – to become an intentional entrepreneur, and to explore a bigger vision for yourself – I encourage you to listen to my guest interview on the Discover Your Talen Podcast, hosted by Don Hutcheson.


In this interview, Don asks me some tough questions that reveal my journey to becoming an intentional entrepreneur in a raw and honest way.

We dive deep into:

  • How I started understanding and developing my talents.
  • The most impactful turning point in my career.
  • The most powerful lessons learned in my journey.
  • What’s on my bookshelf.
  • My suggested steps for success for other intentional entrepreneurs.

I hope that my interview inspires you to consider what your true talents are, and whether you are utilizing them in the most impactful way you can.

Are you meant for more and struggling how to take initial next steps for change? If so I want to hear from you. If you found value in this post and video – I would love to hear your comments below.

A bigger vision – discovering your talent // Chelsea Fournier

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