Do you need more action or strategy in your systems for success right now? – Chelsea Fournier

Do you need more action or strategy in your systems for success right now?

Can I tell you my biggest pet peeve in our industry? I don’t want this to offend you. But here it is…


In the great profession of network marketing – my biggest pet peeve is people saying that “this just isn’t working out for them” when they can’t even really articulate what they have been doing.


When someone throws in the towel, or tells me they don’t think they are cut out for this – I come back with a question. Wanna know my reply & question?


Here’s what I would say to someone in my team, or anyone in the industry who is telling me that this just isn’t working:


I hear that you feel like you aren’t getting the results you want out of your business. What do you feel like hasn’t been working well enough in your systems to get you the results you wanted? Do you need more consistent action to get better results, or more strategy to improve your system?


Typically they will come back and ask me what I mean. What type of system? And if that is their reply – therein lies the problem for them.


You see, it’s not that it wasn’t working. It is actually that they didn’t know what it was. Or they weren’t doing it long enough or with enough volume of action. Because it should be a system. A series of skills or actions to continually implement and get better at. Instead of trying 15 different things once. Their exasperation was stemming from being confused. Or throwing spaghetti on the wall. And getting crummy results to boot. Why would anyone want to keep doing that?


I did a video this week, comparing the sales processes of other professions to that of network marketing. Why should we think we are any different from real estate agents? I know you will appreciate the analogy.

One of my private coaching clients recently threw her hands up in the air on a video call and said “How had I never thought about having a Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 for introducing & following up with people?”

You see – like many of us – every time someone said yes to taking a look at her products or business she was trying to figure out what to do to introduce that person properly. That is a lot of time, brain space, and different options.


It can be really powerful to go through and look at your method of operation. Do you feel confident about how you are implementing each step of a normal sales process? How does this translate through to your business?


5 typical steps of a sales process:


1. Initial contact (your first email, call, meeting, or FB message)

2. Qualification (when you have determined a lead turns into a prospect / open to learn)

3. Presentation (here’s where you get your prospect to tools / scheduled a presentation)

4. Evaluation / follow-up (this can be more than one step)

5. Closing (close a sale or close a business partner enrollment)


If you don’t feel confident about these steps and are serious about mastering your own system for yourself and to duplicate in your team – I would love to hear from you.

Do you need more action or strategy in your systems for success right now? // Chelsea Fournier

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