Stop watering yourself down & be a freaking lighthouse – to attract another YOU into your business

Network marketing isn’t for everyone. But you have decided that it is for you. That it’s a better way for you and your family. I can totally appreciate that.


You have gone through the personal development. You have weighed your options. And you have made a decision. You are staking your claim and declaring that you will be a top earner in this profession.


You are willing to put in what it takes. And all you want is to find at least a handful of people as dedicated as you are. If you found some people to lock arms with who had a big vision and were willing to go through it with you – that would set you up for huge growth.


It should be easy to find 5 other YOUs right? Perhaps easier said than done.


Some of the people who seem promising will say they are YOU – but their actions will indicate that they are not. You may rack your brain and try to figure out how you can turn them into you. And sooner or later you will learn that is pointless. As Jim Rohn says “don’t sign up for that class.”


So how can you up your chances of finding someone just like you – through Facebook?


Today’s video blog covers 2 specific things you can focus on to find another YOU and not get lost in the sea of poser online network marketers.  

Here’s the main question to ask yourself – if you are desperate to recruit someone just like you – look at your newsfeed and ask yourself whether it really allows people in your friends list to get to know you? Are you being generous in sharing your passions, knowledge, interests, and struggles authentically?


Or are you focusing on stock photos, quotes, memes, and before and afters or other people, and realize that your own voice is getting lost in the shuffle on your own personal profile?


I want you to shine brightly. To stop trying to be what you think everyone will like most, and just be you. At the brightest you can possible shine.


If you haven’t been sure about how often to post on Facebook or having much strategy of how to turn your posts into product & business conversations, make sure to sign up for my free Personal Power Hour Checklist and get into a rhythm of focusing on the actions to attract another YOU.

Stop watering yourself down & be a freaking lighthouse – to attract another YOU into your business // Chelsea Fournier