The Ultimate Training to Broadcast Live Like a Pro

Learn How to Rock Facebook Live Videos With Confidence & Real Results 

In this immersive online course, you will...

Learn simple tools, settings, and strategies to make sure that your live video presence has real impact and results for growing your brand and business.

When I learned about FB Live I knew 2 things:

1. Entrepreneurs & brands that mastered this method of outreach would crush it and grow an audience... 

2. I was petrified of looking like a fool if I jumped in!

This course gives you step-by-step instructions and strategies to make sure you look like and feel like a pro on live video.

Go at your own pace - you can start right away!

MODULE 1 - these lessons are all about the logistics

Whether you are preparing to do your first live broadcast, or are looking to up the pro quality of your videos - you will find tons of value in the behind-the-scenes and step-by-step methods of getting you on the right track.

  • Get pro tips to improve the audio & video quality of your broadcasts, and get access to the exact equipment I use in my video set-up.
  • Step-by-step visual instructions make sure your phone and Facebook profile settings are on point - with a bonus lesson on adding captions to your videos.
  • Chelsea shares her proven Pro Flow format for going through 5 key elements of a engaging and concise video seamlessly.

MODULE 2 – Identifying your WHY & developing a pro brand

Lots of people '"try out" live video broadcasts for a few days or weeks and then get out of habit. These lessons walk you through meaningful strategy exercises to identify your motivation and end results you want to see from your efforts.

  • Craft your vision for how live broadcasts will boost your brand & business.
  • Explore why generosity and delivering real value will set you apart and pay you back ten fold in the long-term. 
  • Find clarity around what attraction marketing is all about, how live videos play into your marketing strategy, and how to really develop & own your pro brand.

MODULE 3 – Making valuable content like a pro

You don't want to annoy your friends with overly promotional or sales-y posts. I don't want that for you either. Learn how to deliver content and value that will build a tribe of followers loving and sharing what you are putting out on camera.

  • Learn the CSV acronym - the 3 most important factors to focus on - to stand out from the amateur crowd.
  • Understand the different types of posts and approaches you can take to have an engaging and intriguing newsfeed - in and around your videos.
  • Get killer tips on how often to post, how to up the pro level of your personal profile, and where to get inspiration for content regularly.

Module 4 is a total BONUS!

Learn how to take the Likes, Comments, and Shares of your videos and posts and turn them into meaningful relationships and potential prospects.

Find a sustainable flow with your proactive behind the scenes hustle to become a professional conversation starter with endless leads.

Be ready for the mindset hurdles and fears that you WILL experience and make sure you are prepared to push through them to follow your purpose and vision.

What if you got these kinds of results?

Darci Hollingsworth - nurse, twin mom & online entrepreneur

Implementing the steps in Chelsea’s Pro Flow Cheat Sheet fom this course helped me execute more professionally produced live videos that resulted in increased visibility and post engagement with my audience. Specifically, it helped me organize my thoughts and stay on point during the broadcast. Chelsea’s emphasis on engagement, both at the start of the video, as well as including a “call to action” at the end is truly an essential element to success. Specifically directing viewers to take a next step if they liked my content led to two viewers messaging me for more information!

Bekah Fairley, owner of a fitness & physial therapy center & network marketer

The one thing that I can definitely say that I have gained from taking Chelsea‘s course is confidence: with being authentic, with approaching “follow-up’s” and with sharing my knowledge and passion with others! And the bonus is new customers! Thank you, Chelsea!

Learn to go pro and see what happens!