Get clear on your #1 goal and take action like crazy! – Chelsea Fournier

Get clear on your #1 goal and take action like crazy!

Have you ever been in a situation that is going so badly, it makes you feel like you are on a bad sitcom? Or are maybe being punk’d? (remember that MTV show?)

I want to fill you in on how my horrible travel experience this past weekend has actually fueled my WHY to a whole new level. And also help you get laser focused and clear on your biggest goals and action plans as you close out the summer, by sharing a goal setting and action planning exercise I recently learned and implemented for big results.


My Travel Experience



Last Thursday I took off from my house for what should have been a 6 hour flight itinerary to get to my company’s convention. First leg went great, and I met some fun colleagues in the airport gate joining for the connection to our destination. But we kept hearing slight delays postponing our take off time due to lightning in the area. Cool – I don’t want to fly into lightning. Then we boarded and kept taxi-ing on the tarmac for quite a while. I met some nice ladies I was seated next to. AND THEN we were told we would need to deplane because while we were waiting to take off, the crew had timed out on how long they could be in the air. Uh-oh. As we deplaned we realized several other flights were in the same situation. Being completely cancelled, not just delayed. So a crew of us trying to get to the conference started getting in the physical line, while also looking at options on the app, and having some rockstar elite status help from my dad helping us remotely.


We decided to book a flight to a nearby airport, then rent a car and drive the last 4 hours, since we would otherwise not be able to get in until AFTER the conference was done. Our flight was delayed a few hours but we finally took off. We arrived at the car rental counter at 1AM, only to have their computer systems crash just as we were ready to checkout, and they gave our reserved car away.

It was just too much. We finally got 5 of us into a rental car, with 4 hours of road ahead of us at 2AM. So I rang in my birthday on a delayed flight in the air, and arrived at our destination at 6:30AM. Needless to say, my pregnant self was swollen, tired and frustrated.


How This Fueled My WHY



Now why did this story fuel my WHY you wonder? Here’s a quick rundown of the blessings I had on this chaotic trip:

  • I was surrounded by amazingly positive and like-minded colleagues. Who aren’t even in my team, but are in my same company. It is invaluable to surround yourself with good people, and part of my WHY is to grow my tribe of amazing individuals in my team.
  • We were all fueled by a desire to get to where we were going. I will be 100% honest – if this had been a trip to get to a legal continuing education event back when I was practicing law – I would have bailed on the last leg and just found a way home and asked for a refund. But we all truly wanted to get to where we were going to learn and grow ourselves and our businesses.
  • I saw around me a huge disparity in reactions of how people handled all of this stress. Those without resources were in pure panic, freaking out about affording a hotel or a rental car, or rebooking on another airline. Those with resources were annoyed, but quickly looking for a way to throw money at the problem rather than be incredibly uncomfortable or unsafe sleeping in the airport or stranded.

My WHY can be summed up by wanting to be surrounded by amazing and positive people, who truly love what they are doing, and are growing the foundation of resources to never have to come from a scarcity or lack mindset.

I want to be the parent to my future son, who is frugal and humble, but has the resources to take care of us when needed. The amazing thing is, that as an entrepreneur in the network marketing or direct sales space, these can all come together in amazing combinations and are at our fingert


Why Having A WHY Isn’t Enough On Its Own



It’s awesome to have experiences like this, that help to attach me to WHY I am doing what I am doing. Why I made sacrifices to attend this conference. Because the means will justify the ends. My vision is clear of where I am going.

But a vision or a dream without an action plan is not likely to pop into reality. In my experience.

So when I got to the conference, and was able to see Brian Tracy share some amazing goal setting and action plan principles, I was all ears. I found a particular 3 step exercise he shared to be incredibly helpful.

On my horrible flight experience back (a whole other story), I spent some of my time going through the exercise and mapping out my own goal and action plan to execute. 


Goal Clarity Exercise Broken Down



I wanted to summarize how I took down the exercise in my notes and implemented it. Hopefully I got it down exactly as Brian Tracy intended. If not, it was still incredibly helpful for me!

STEP 1: Write down 10 goals you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. Make sure to write them in the present tense.

STEP 2: Take the list and really assess: If you could have any 1 of the goals achieved in the NEXT 24 hours, which would it be (BE HONEST) and circle it.

STEP 3: Take that one goal and run through the following:

  • Write it down as clearly as you can (a 6-year old should be able to understand it)
  • Set a deadline for achievement
  • Brainstorm actions needed
  • Make a checklist of highest impact actions to do regularly
  • Commit to taking action
  • Do something every day towards the most important goal

Seems easy enough right? It’s an incredibly enlightening process. I would love to know how it goes for you if you follow-through.

If you want to hear me walk through the exercise, and share my own goals and how I am implementing this into my next 60 day run to grow my business, check out my video on this topic.


Prefer to hear me walk through the exercise with an example?

Being a part of a positive culture and team that raises you up as an entrepreneur is so critical for long-term success in my experience. My leaders and colleagues are now dear lifelong friendships. We can raise each other up, support each other, and travel cross country in odd experiences together.

If you are looking for an entry into entrepreneurship, or are already a successful coach, consultant, entrepreneur, or athlete – I would love to talk to you. I am expanding my team of intentional influencers in my business. Learn more about my story, and book a time to talk if it resonates with you. It could be the first step on a journey together to honing & seeing your own WHY and goals come to fruition!


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