Content Batching & Post Planning Like a Boss!
Are you struggling to find the time?
  • Can you relate to my friend Melissa? She was executing Your MLM Facebook Power Hour Checklist...but came to me asking how she could get faster on posting, to open up more time to actually talk to her leads.

  • By the time she "found" a post that she wanted to post and then got it up on all the social media outlets, she had already blown the hour...without actually getting to the rest of the checklist!

  • The whole point of the Power Hour is to focus you on connecting with leads and getting people in front of your products and opportunity.

  • Let's give you my exact strategies for how I batch my content and plan my posts weekly, so getting the post out only takes 2-3 minutes of my daily power hour...

  • Leaving plenty of time to message and do business building activities!
Make sure Your MLM Facebook Power Hour is packed with business building activities!
Course Curriculum:
The Power of Content Batching & Post Planning
  • Kickoff Video: Learn what content batching is and how using it to plan your posts can save you hours a week + up the game of your post quantity and flow
  • Learn the benefits of how this can help you maximize your MLM Facebook Power Hour Checklist
Planning a Week Out in Action
  • Get a screenshared tutorial on my exact method for batching a week's worth of post in about 2 hours
  • I show you and talk you through each step giving you insider tips and strategies that will give you more time to actually talk to interested leads and prospects
On Brand Post Planner Tool Template
  • Get a quick tutorial on how to access the template tool, download, or save it to your Google Drive or computer to work with. 
  • [PDF DOWNLOAD] Brand Post Planning Tool Template
Learn the tricks to get efficient & organized in your posting!
👉 so that you spend most of your power hour on business building activities!
Who is Chelsea Fournier?

Chelsea Fournier is a lawyer by trade and an entrepreneur by heart. She is now a professional network marketing entrepreneur and also a coach and trainer for others in the profession looking to find authentic, efficient, and impactful ways to grow their business through social media with integrity and results. 

Chelsea helps network marketing & direct sales entrepreneurs create a real game plan for how to use social media to grow a brand and a business online without overwhelm or confusion. 

Hundreds of students and clients tune in to Chelsea’s weekly trainings to learn simple systems to confidently implement and teach in their teams to experience massive momentum, and have fun growing a business online.  

She is a native of Maine, and a current digital nomad exploring the country, growing her business and helping her students & clients via online methods. Her husband Bernie and little black cat Nora are part of the adventure as well.

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