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My 3 authentic steps for converting FB chats to business

I HATE when people hit me up to “catch up” and 2 messages in they are throwing a link at me asking if I need X Product, Y Service, or Z Opportunity. Ummm. No I am all set.

But I kind of get where they are coming from. They are building a business, starting to use Facebook and social media to connect with more people, and kind of throwing spaghetti against the wall. Maybe someone in their team or company told them this method works. They are just being coachable – but have been led astray.

They may be working a full-time job, and like any good intentional entrepreneur, are trying to work smarter instead of harder and buy back their freedom and time. They have a half hour a day to “work their business” on Facebook and are using a shotgun approach. Their intention may be right. But their method is turning me – and likely most other people they reach out to – off.

How do you start to convert a “catch-up” conversation into more of a product or business conversation if you are using Facebook messenger to have conversations?

You don’t have hours a day to just chit chat on Facebook. But you don’t want to come across as pushy, making assumptions, or turning people away. That’s the opposite of your goal.

In today’s Intentional Entrepreneur Tip I share my exact 3 step process to make sure I am honoring my relationship with the person I am talking to – but also getting real conversions and not just chatting aimlessly with people.


So to recap:

1. Make sure there is a need before trying to offer a solution. FORM them up. Ask intentional questions. Listen for needs and points of connection.

2. ASK if they are open to hearing about a solution to the need they expressed before jumping to conclusions. IF I _____ WOULD YOU ____?

3. Let your friend off the hook and give clear direction on what will happen next to get them information. THIS MAY OR MAY NOT BE FOR YOU, BUT HERE’S A GOOD FIRST STEP…

This one is worth viewing into until the end. Million dollar secrets right here.

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