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Simple Crustless Quiche

Nourish Your Family: Grain-Free Breakfast Batch Cooking

I believe that as a busy, multitasking mom, who cares about making healthy choices, you can enjoy the process of nourishing your family, not just feeding them.

In this series, I dive I share a little background on the recipe, why I consider it to be a healthy / nourishing choice, list out the kitchen tools you will need, the ingredients you need, walk you through the instructions, and even some strategies on how to tweak or rock this recipe yourself…but as always, the full recipe, instructions, and even digital recipe cards are available on my blog.

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How This Recipe Came Into My Life

I am a sucker for any type of pie. And quiche always felt like a decadent breakfast pie you are allowed to “sneak” into your diet because it is healthy right? So when I decided to focus my diet on grain-free living, I was at first committed to making a perfect pie crust, so I could keep quiche in my morning rotation.

And then as I started doing more batch cooking in my meal prep, I wanted a way to have the yummy egg protein portion of the dish, without needing to set aside time for the making & baking of the crust.

This recipe is so basic, it’s really just a reminder that you can create a batch cooking and meal prepping plan even for breakfast. Add in veggies or meats that you love. Toy around with the perfect baking time for your pan or fixings, and get this into your rhythm mama!


What’s Nourishing About This Recipe?

I know everyone has philosophies around eggs. It doesn’t fit into everyone’s diet, or beliefs around their value. Very gently cooked egg yolks were my son’s first food introduced, following the schedule of Super Nutrition for Babies

I personally love the nutrient density, and my body feels good when I consume eggs regularly. My favorite is when a local homesteading friend gives or sells us eggs. I will say that I only eat organic eggs, and often struggle to remember what all the labeling terms on egg cartons mean, and do struggle with animal welfare and treatment of chickens (this breakdown of labels explains more about the treatment of the birds – heartbreaking if you are squeamish). But until I can step into a little more homesteading phase of life and keep our own chickens (not out of the question), I personally only buy Certified Organic, Pasture-Raised or Free-Range.

As far as whether or not you should be eating eggs, that is a personal choice, and may depend on lots of factors, so will simply point you to some of the statements prepared for a well-cited and informational blog post put out by the Weston A. Price Foundation: Eat Your Eggs & Have Your Chickens Too. (I removed their footnotes, so if you want to see sources for the claims they make, definitely click through to the whole article…they do a great job of gathering & creating validated information).


Egg yolks are the richest source of two superstar carotenoids—lutein and zeaxanthin. Not only are bright yellow yolks loaded with these fat-soluble antioxidant nutrients, they are more bioavailable than those found in vegetables, corn and most supplements. While these nutrients have a reputation of combating macular degeneration, and cataracts6 and supporting overall healthy vision, they have a long list of other benefits, including protecting the skin from sun damage and even reducing one’s risk of colon and breast cancer.


Besides providing all eight essential protein-building amino acids, a large whole, fresh egg offers about six to seven grams of protein and five grams of fat (with about 1.5 grams of it saturated), which comes in handy to help in the absorption of all the egg’s fat-soluble vitamins. One egg also serves up around 200 milligrams of brain-loving cholesterol and contains the valuable vitamins A, K, E, D, B-complex and minerals iron, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.1 Choline, another egg-nutrient, is a fatty substance found in every living cell and is a major component of our brain. Additionally, choline helps break up cholesterol deposits by preventing fat and cholesterol from sticking to the arteries. So the bottom line is, don’t be chicken about eating eggs, especially the cholesterol-rich yolks!

Whether you agree with their statements or not is up to you, to decide whether daily egg consumption is ideal. Also pay attention to your body when you do and don’t eat eggs in the morning as part of your breakfast. 


Minimalist Kitchen Tools Needed

  • Cutting board
  • Knife for chopping
  • Whisk
  • Bowl for whisking eggs
  • Silicone pan or glass pie dish
  • Saute pan to soften optional ingredients

Ingredients To Make Sure You Have On Hand

  • 8 eggs
  • ¼ cup milk
  • ½ cup soft goat cheese
  • 1 cup optional ingredients
  • Salt & pepper

Optional Ingredients

  • Spinach
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Ham or sausage
  • Tomatoes 
  • Savory herbs (fresh or dried: basil, oregano, thyme)

Simple Instructions

Prepare your optional ingredients

  • Chop and saute any vegetables in butter or olive oil on low heat to soften
  • If you are adding sausage or meat, make sure it is fully cooked and chopped or crumbled into small bite size pieces in advance

Prepare Egg Mixture

  • Crack 8 eggs into bowl, and whisk until yolks are fully combined
  • Stir in milk
  • Break soft goat cheese into small chunks and stir in

Combine into pan for baking

  • If you are using a glass pan, grease liberally with butter or olive oil (you can skip if baking in silicone)
  • Lay the vegetables / meat into the pan first, so you can distribute evenly
  • Pour the egg & cheese mixture over it
  • Add salt, pepper or other spices

Bake at 350 degrees 

  • In a 8×8 silicone pan, shoot for 21 minutes
  • In a glass pie dish, it may be closer to 35-40 minutes
  • You are shooting for a center that is set, but not jiggly

Ingredient & Equipment Swap-Outs

  • For the milk, you can honestly use anything you want. Raw milk, whole cream, coconut milk, almond milk. It’s just to add a little extra liquid to the mixture.
  • I prefer the vegetables and meat to be sauted before, so they are soft and easy for my toddler to chew. But if you prefer a little crunch, you can skip that step and just put the raw / chopped veggies in as is.
  • I prefer cooking and baking in food grade silicone. They are a little floppy to move from the counter to the oven, but you can put it on top of a sturdy cookie sheet as you move it in, to prevent spillage. I just like how the quiche pops easily out, and doesn’t stick to anything. With a glass pan, you really need to grease up before pouring the mixture in, or you will lose some of it to sticking.

Cost Savings & Next Steps

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How Can You Introduce This To Your Family?

This recipe is all about time-saving in the morning. Maybe you are already whipping up scrambled eggs, and tired of the prep time and clean-up each day, and this just saves you time. If you haven’t been getting breakfast into your family, this is an easy way to do so, because you can also give small portions to start and see how they respond. Since it’s already prepped.

You could pair a portion of this quiche, with a piece of fruit, or even a smaller portion of something they are used to eating at breakfast that you are trying to replace (for example half a muffin if they are used to just eating a whole sugar-y muffin, or half a Pop-Tart). The more you can make positive shifts, and they see how good their body feels, the easier it will get over time.


What If Nutrition Could Impact Your Genetics Positively?

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I also give you permission now and always, to ditch the mom guilt for taking care of yourself. The best thing you can do for your kiddos and family is to role model healthy habits, boundaries, and priorities. The ripple effect for yourself and the next generation is worth it.

Is your multitasking momming style burning you out?

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