Deposits and withdrawals into your relationship piggy banks – Chelsea Fournier

Deposits and withdrawals into your relationship piggy banks

Do you feel like you are sending out tons of messages and starting new conversations – but not really hearing back from your contacts?
The harsh reality is that if your contacts are avoiding your messages or stringing you along there might be a common theme.
Are you jumping right into a request that would benefit you, without really making a deposit into the relationship piggy bank with that person?
Just because it is a priority for you to progress a conversation or relationship towards a sale or a business script – doesn’t mean that your contact has the same priority.
What if you spent some time this week trying to find ways to add value to your network?

What might happen if you slowed down, to deposit into the relationship piggybanks of some of your ideal prospects? It could be time well spent.

What if you see a friend on Facebook posting that she needs help finding a nanny? Spending 15 minutes putting out feelers and getting her some connections or leads may be just the thing that will open her mind up to sit down with you and discuss the topic you want to approach.   

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