How to salvage down days – when you work for yourself – Chelsea Fournier

How to salvage down days – when you work for yourself

Wait – you’re NOT always happy and focused? Yeah me either. The jig is up.

I love working for myself and the flexibility and autonomy is a huge part of why I push through and make this crazy entrepreneurial journey work. But some days I am just not feeling it – but don’t want to waste a whole day and fall behind.

I am a stickler for being consistent, efficient, and focused in my work. But some days all I want to do is “call in sick” and hide under the covers all day. But hiding won’t move the needle ahead towards my goals.

This week when this happened, I decided to see the positive in how my energy and mindset was. I wasn’t in a space to do activities or tasks that would require a lot of energy or creativity. So instead I used the day to tackle 2 things that were totally doable and made me feel so much better.

I got some great feedback on this video on the topic so thought I would drop it right in here for you.


So to recap – on a down day consider how you can focus on:

1. Helping people. Giving of yourself to someone else will always be positive. I can’t help but smile after hanging up a call where I know I added value to someone’s day or journey.

2. Low energy / high impact projects. I found that getting caught up on my email inbox was a great project for me. I had put it off because when I am in a higher energy state, it feels like the lowest priority. But by going through my emails I caught some conversations that could turn into leads, scheduled some new appointments, and got the virtual clutter out of my life. While sitting on a couch with my laptop and cat. win-win.

3. Don’t phone the day in entirely. You will only feel worse later. Unless you are actually sick and needing to rest, getting further behind on your goals never really makes you feel better. Set some small goals for yourself for the day that honors how you feel – and check things off your list. You will thank yourself in the end.

If you found value in this post and video – I would love to hear your comments below.

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