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My Entrepreneur Journey and 4 Lessons for Massive Success

As I look back over the last 6 years of my entrepreneur journey, I can reflect on significant lessons or take-aways that apply to all direct sales professionals and network marketing entrepreneurs. I have spent time with 6 and 7-figure earners, and also seen many entrepreneurs fail before they get off the ground. In my observation, no one is born with a likely inclination to become more or less successful than other people. It all comes down to habits and skills that we can work on.

Today I was reflecting on how my entrepreneur journey has had two paths that have run alongside each other. One side has been pursuing better health, energy, and vitality. Stepping out of the employee mindset, and mentality of settling for less than I deserved, striving to always feel better and be able to give more to myself and my work. The second side is around my overall business growth, income, and striving towards my goals.

At the end of the day, these top 4 lessons bubbled up as most important, in both my health and business growth over the past 4 years. I would love to know which one(s) feel like the most important for you to focus on in your own entrepreneur journey moving forward.

Decision-Making Skills Are Critical

It is said that successful people make decisions quickly, and stick with them, while unsuccessful people belabor each decision and waiver often. I am someone who gathers information quickly, weighs my options, and makes a decision. I often will stick with that decision unless or until there is real proof that it was an uneducated or unwise decision. But I wasn’t always this way. It took years of really dialing into my own intuition and decision-making process. This is something you can work on as well if you know you struggle in this area.

Consistency of Action is Everything

Whether introducing a new health regimen, or implementing a business plan – we all know that success does not happen overnight, and that consistency is king. And yet this is the most challenging aspect of a successful entrepreneur journey. Making a plan is easy. Taking action consistently to move the plan forward, even when you don’t feel like it, is the hard part. If overcoming this hurdle was easy, everyone would already be at the top of their compensation plan and no one would be struggling. And yet that is not reality.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

You absolutely must be willing to let go of your old story and expand your comfort zone. You must be willing to embrace that you will need to change and grow on your entrepreneur journey. If you cling to the old version of yourself, you will never see the results you seek, that can only be achieved by a stronger and more evolved version of yourself that is trying to emerge. Allow it to happen, and you will rise to a new level.

Trust Yourself

It is so easy to fall into comparitis, self-doubt, and a spiral of negative thoughts when things don’t move forward as quickly as you had hoped on your entrepreneur journey. Maybe a rank advancement is taking longer than you expected. Or maybe a leader on your team leaves and you need to rebuild volume. Or you just get out of habit of consistent action and feel overwhelmed at the prospect of starting over, yet again.

Imagine if you trust that yourself, your systems, and the opportunity in front of you, how the hurdles become mere blips on the radar. Of course, trusting yourself may sometimes involve trusting that you do truly need to tweak your strategy, or get outside coaching or mentoring to grow to the next level. But in my opinion, too many of us are looking for someone to save or lead us, when we should be looking in the mirror.

Prefer to hear more of my stories and background on these lessons?

If you are struggling on your own entrepreneur journey, it can be valuable to really reflect on the habits of success, and shifts you could make to align more with these significant lessons. If you could make faster decisions that you felt great about, take consistent action, grow and consciously step outside of your comfort zone, and trust yourself and your journey – the rest will come together.

I predict that you know more than you will admit, about what you should be doing. it’s more about becoming the next version of yourself, who will be capable of implementing and accepting the abundance and success into your life. Do you resonate with this at all?

Which of these lessons feels like the next intuitive step for you to focus on in your entrepreneur journey? I would love to hear from you!

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