Are You Making Excuses or Making Progress? Mindset Reality Check! – Chelsea Fournier

Are You Making Excuses or Making Progress? Mindset Reality Check!

Let’s take a quick break from the HOW and systems, and talk about the importance of WHO you are becoming in your journey as an entrepreneur.

Becoming a top earner, or someone who earns a full-time income from a part-time business is not something you are going to just stumble upon. I am here to be a voice of reason here. It is possible. And you will need to have the right mindset and determination of a top earner to become one.

Top performers, top earners, top leaders in any industry are groomed to be where they are. It’s not just our profession that rewards the top performers over the long haul. Think about any corporate ladder you have been a part of. In a law firm, there is a managing partner, equity partners, non-equity partners, senior associates, associates, and support staff. There are similar hierarchy with different names in other industries or types of companies.


People can certainly improve themselves, their education, their skills, and move up a ladder. But it’s pretty rare that someone will intentionally move down the ladder once they have established a certain level. Make sense?


In network marketing it is unique, that many of us are self-made. Many people come into this profession without a lot of experience or education specific to being successful in this position. Many even become successful without an upline or coach to really mentor them. And sometimes – those people who you least expect it – will emerge on the other side joining the ranks of financial freedom they probably could not have achieved in any other career choice.


In this week’s video blog post I talk about how to get yourself out of a loop of what might be holding you back – I talk about 4 common traits & habits I see in truly successful entrepreneurs and mentors in network marketing that I look up to and respect.

Isn’t it true that you can either make excuses – or you can make progress. You can’t really do both at the same time.

So if you start focusing more on what you want to have happen, and who you are going to become to get yourself to the next level, doesn’t it reason that you would have less time or patience for your old excuses?

A business coach I am working with today was talking about the compound effect and importance of consistency. It takes a lot of mental resilience to be the person doing your power hour every damned day, even when the first 5 days don’t seem to yield results. It takes a lot of character to accept your weaknesses and focus on building your strengths instead. It takes humility to ditch your unrealistic expectations of a timeline and just be in it until it happens.

I couldn’t agree more. I would love to hear your comments on what your take-aways are from this video blog post. What other traits or habits do you see in common amongst entrepreneurs you look up to or follow? Are you committed to becoming the version of you that will attract and maintain the type of success you want and deserve.

I hope so.

Are You Making Excuses or Making Progress? Mindset Reality Check! // Chelsea Fournier

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