Keep your mind & focus on your mission! – Chelsea Fournier

Keep your mind & focus on your mission!

I am someone who is very mission-drive. Some may call it purpose-driven. Yes, I grow my business to make a living. But I am also growing it in pursuit of a bigger mission.

Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming to myself and other mission-driven entrepreneurs to take the big goals and impact we want to achieve & make, and boil it down to what to focus on today. Right now.

A mission can be defined as “a pre-established and often self-imposed objective or purpose.” So if you are self-imposing some big objectives & purpose, how can you be clear you are taking your highest impact activities today, instead of feeling overwhelmed or frazzled?

Whether you are hopping into a new week, or just focusing on keeping your head in the game & actions focused towards your mission, the 3 quick tips I shared in this Morning on a Mission video series are up your alley.

To recap – here’s some of the highlights of the video. Which one(s) speak the most to you and your journey right now? Comment below!

Your brain can’t handle more than 3 priorities

  • Are you organizing your actions so that you can clearly & succinctly focus on a few priorities, before moving to the next tasks?
  • Do all of your actions today fall under one of your bigger priorities, to move the ball forward?
  • How can you remove distractions (a/k/a your 4th, 5th, 6th or more “priorities”) so you can make bigger strides in less areas?

Stop worrying about the HOW

  • Work on your mindset, keep taking action, and allow things to fall into place.
  • Are you trying to control how it’s all going to happen, instead of allowing the flow and trusting that what you are doing is enough?
  • Are you battling in your mind, talking yourself into playing smaller because you are too worried about how it will all come together?

Marry the process & divorce the results

  • If you are taking action, that you truly believe is moving you in a forward motion towards your goals, keep going.
  • If you are tired of starting over, stop quitting before you get the traction you need.
  • Results will only come if you allow the compound effect to kick in.
Keep your mind & focus on your mission! // Chelsea Fournier

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