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Get curious & take powerful action

As you know, I am a huge proponent of having a few “no-agenda” networking calls every month just to meet new people, brainstorm ways to grow your work and impact, and see if you can be mutually beneficial to one another. 

Sometimes these types of calls are a flop. Or the other person doesn’t get my style and is trying to pitch me something I don’t need. But sometimes the connection is deep and quick. And by the end of a 30 minute call you are wondering how you have never met this person before.

The types of connections inspire me, energize me, and give me new ideas for content, trainings, and offerings. 

One such recent connection came from my daily routine and played out something like this:

-took a few minutes to clean out and review friend requests I hadn’t replied to in ages (sorry).

-saw I had a new FB friend request from someone I don’t know that had come in a few months ago.

-sent this person an audio clip message apologizing for taking so long to actually connect after his request and asked if there was anything in particular he wanted to connect on.

-he immediately replied back that he would be psyched to hop on a call because it seems we have a lot of common threads in our work and networks.

-sure – I am game. Send him my cell to text, and a link to my online calendar if easier.

-3 weeks later he messages back he was sorry he had forgotten to book time with me, and we scheduled it.

-hopped on a phone call, swapped stories, and I felt an energetic connection that made me thrilled to know him and support him.

-we had no immediate way we could help one another, aren’t potential clients for each other, but I wanted to find a small way to collaborate.

The result is this FB live interview. I wanted people to hear Will Rezin’s story of pushing his own boundaries to grow his vision, of doing the hard work to lose 100 pounds, of reclaiming his power and his life.

Prosperity coach who helps highly successful men design extraordinary lives. I hope that tuning into our interview / chat might inspire you to reconsider your vision, take a step towards growing your dreams, or asking yourself some deep questions about why you really want to be successful in business.

I shared the story of how we connected, because I think it’s always important to remember that above all else, if you are an entrepreneur, you are in the business of making and developing relationships.

Will and I may never have a way to generate income together or because of one another. But that doesn’t reduce the value of connecting, and helping one another shine or to grow an audience.

If you want more practical tips and examples of how relationship building can accelerate your journey as an intentional entrepreneur, feel free to grow my growing online community – I call it the Tribe because we are a supportive tribe of people with similar dreams of finding real success as entrepreneurs. If you want to join – feel free to add yourself in. We would be glad to have you!

Get curious & take powerful action // Chelsea Fournier

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