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3 Focus Areas To Keep You Sane & Gaining Momentum During the Holidays

You’ve worked hard all year to build your business and black Friday and Cyber Monday hit with December right around the corner and you are feeling like you just don’t know where to start. You feel overwhelmed coming off of travel or event weekends. You don’t want to chaos or low activity levels slide into the end of the year.

How can you take control? I want to share three simple focus areas that will help you take control of your December.

Focus Area #1 – Plan & Master Your Calendar

Focus on managing your time and your calendar. You will have  additional obligations, fun parties, things happening, and you absolutely want to show up and be present. Put them into your calendar – in fact now more than ever – it’s so critical to make sure you get ALL of your non-negotiable commitments, activities, and events to your regular life commitments like job, commute, workout, and church.

If you do not have a calendar system in place, now may be the time to revisit using a planner or an electronic version like a Google calendar.  When you have a visual in front of you, you can look at the calendar grid and really see when you can work your business. You may need to be really efficient with your time, because your availability is compressed. Even if it’s 15-20 minute pockets of time. Commit to taking control of your time so you are not sliding into the new year overwhelmed and feeling behind.

Focus Area #2 – Organize & Work Your List

Focus on deciding who are you going to connect with during your allotted business time and have a plan so you are having real, productive conversations. If you are you going to focus mostly on attraction marketing and really showing up during that time on social media, do you know what to do daily to attract the leads you will be talking to? Then rock it as efficiently as you can!

If Attraction Marketing is not your things, it may be time to really organize a working list. I was just coaching someone in my team the other day and we decided that she needed to make a new list of 200 people. We decided that for 90 days, she would focus on a list of 200 names because this really excites her and gave her a fresh start. Sometimes you just gotta sit down, make a list in a notebook, or a spreadsheet and reboot.

You can also split the two and have an intentional list and a checklist of what you’re doing to attract and nurture new cold relationships through social media. I personally love that! The point is you need a method to keep people top of mind so you are intentionally connecting with individuals during your allotted business time. You don’t want to sit down during your 15 minute slot, and spend the whole time scrolling and figure out who to talk to!

Focus Area #3 – Choose A Focus Event Or Exposure Tool

Focus on setting goals for how many people you can get to agree to on ONE event you are lining up guests for, or one exposure tool that you’re going to get as many people in front of as possible for that week. Whether you want to choose a post in your team’s Facebook group you want to tag people in, or set up a live online event or interview, or invite guests to a physical meeting. Whatever will fit into your personal workflow – choose one focus point as your primary tool for the week, and connect people from your list to that tool. Make sense?

You are busy this time of year, and so is everyone else. But that doesn’t mean you can’t set goals of getting eyeballs / exposures on a video, webinar, presentation, post, or meeting that you choose to focus on. In fact, the more focused you are, the more likely you will stay organized on confirming & following up if everyone is checking out the same tool.

As you see these wrap together, you can give yourself a pep talk and say “OK – I’ve got 20 minutes before I need to go to the holiday party. My goal is to reach out to 10 people from my list, start a conversation, with the goal of getting commitments to look at my exposure tool for this week. GO.”

Do you see how much more effect that time will be than spending 15 minutes making a plan, and talking yourself out of taking action or starting conversations, because you don’t have time…?

Whatever tool you choose, be sure to follow up with your participants to see what they loved. By focusing on ONE tool per week, you will cut the overwhelm and increase your chances of being successful.

You can stay sane this December by simply focusing on these three focal points. What do you need to do to get your December in order?  

I throw out some additional tips on staying sane over the holidays as en entrepreneur in this video training on this topic as well. Feel free to listen in and gather some extra nuggets on this topic if it’s an area of growth for you!

👉 Do you have all your December obligations on your calendar, both personal and business?

👉 What tools are available to use to take some of the pressure off your during busy weeks?

👉 How can you build excitement and attract new business?

✔️ Let me know your biggest take-aways and thoughts in the comments!

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