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Hi, Chelsea Fournier here.

I believe that the industry of network marketing is misunderstood and ready for a massive breakthrough.

I believe that a new wave of heart-centered, intentional, and inspired leaders is about to rise up to the top ranks of our companies to lead this profession into the next wave of success.

I am determined to help more entrepreneurs in our space commit to their path, trust their strategy, take the action necessary, and write their own unique success story – to grow a residual income that gives them financial security, and options to have their priorities straight in life.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great.” Mark Twain
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I've been talking with more people. Had coffee this morning with 2 women who are considering joining my business. One I've had conversations with and had seen a 3rd party tool. The other was my 1st conversation and she seems ready to join. I can speak more confidently about my opportunity. And, thanks to my power hour checklist, I feel confident I know how to get new partners started off right! - Done
Catherine Audevard
Today I am treating my business like a business by creating structured habits that include a daily practice, of mindset and developing a personal pattern that suits my time availability, personality and story. Chelsea was able to recommend the perfect tools to implement from my facebook profile to how to do my first live video. She has been able to help me develop my own voice in the world. Now that I have a basic foundation of what to do, it is up to me. Armed with the right business practice and focus I can grow more confidently.
Lisa Tuccio
Before working with Chelsea to figure out My 3 Buckets and what to do with my personal profile, I felt I felt lost and ineffective. It was hard for me to come up with posts. Since learning her 4 Simple Steps I feel more confident about what to do with my Facebook profile, and I’m starting to see more engagement and get conversations going. I feel more productive in my power hour and when I plan my posts and videos!
Tina Grinolds