Do you feel confident answering the question: How much are you making at this?

Have you ever been asked a question that totally throws you for a loop? Maybe you either freeze up and draw a blank – or you get defensive because you don’t have a good / clear answer prepared?

You should have some simple strategies you can rely on, for common questions that will come your way from prospects. One question you need to anticipate is when the prospect you are talking business / opportunity with asks you how much you are making doing this so far.

You don’t often get asked a question like this about your employment. It would be super weird to just go up to someone and ask how much they make at their day job. Maybe even considered rude or nosy in some cultures or circles.

But your prospect is wondering a few things if they ask this:Is this opportunity real?

  • Is this opportunity real?
  • Could I do this?
  • Will this be worth my time if I get involved?

In today’s video blog I share how to answer this question with high energy, high integrity, and high engagement – whether you are brand new or have been working your business for a while. 

I hope these strategies help you. And remember, lying or exaggerating what you are making is never a good strategy. For your sake and the sake of our profession, please don’t do that.

Clearly let people know your story, how you are being mentored by people who have what you want (if that’s true), and paint the vision of what is on the table opportunity wise. Pointing to a tool such as an earnings statement, or company made compensation video is always a great strategy.

If someone is really concerned about making sure the money is real, offer to introduce them to someone in your upline who has achieved a rank that would entice your prospect. Humanize the success and they just may be able to see themselves jumping in with you.


Do you feel confident answering the question: How much are you making at this? // Chelsea Fournier