The law of consistency and entrepreneurship – Chelsea Fournier

The law of consistency and entrepreneurship

I have a unique background of having been legal counsel to hundreds of start-ups and growing businesses, business coach to dozens of entrepreneurs, and mentor to countless. The thing about being an entrepreneur is that you need to constantly be retooling and looking at how you can achieve your desired results effectively.

If you are an entrepreneur – and are not getting the results you want – I can likely pinpoint the problem down to one of two categories. For real. The problem either lies in your strategy or in your consistency.

 You can boost strategy and make sure you are using the right tool by gaining experience, continuing to learn about your industry, finding mentors, accessing coaching, etc. But the only way you can dominate consistency is by sticking with the actions with an insane amount of discipline.

In this short video I share some key principles of consistency, in relation to chopping a tree. Using the right tool and consistency of action is critical to chop down a tree – and finding success in your business will be no different.


I hope you can start to hone in on which weakness you may be struggling with. Is it time to retool your strategy and immerse yourself in learning? Or do you need to be laser focused and stop trying to chop down 17 different trees and wondering why they aren’t falling…?

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