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Finding the courage to lead with your vision

Yes – I am a big proponent of taking the time to really think about what you really want to have happen in your life. Slowing down, so that you can speed up in the right direction can be so important to make big shifts in your life or business.

Simon Sinek encourages people to “start with why” – meaning that if you know why you do something the what and the how can stem from that.

I encourage people to take time to figure out what they really freaking want – perhaps a little less articulate than Simon, but I believe that it has been engrained in us to ignore what our true passion and potential is, and play smaller to fit within normal molds of what is expected of us. If you start exploring beyond the fringe of what you should be doing – you are really carving your own path – and need to take the time to clarify what drives you and where you want to end up.

It is incredibly courageous to even start down this process of identifying what you really, truly want to have happen in your life. Instead of being in a reactionary mode or just letting life happen to you.

But it takes even greater courage to then begin sharing this vision with others, and begin to gather like-minded people for you to collaborate with and grow with. Because once you are off the beaten path of should’s it can feel scary, lonely, and embarrassing.

I remember when I first started writing a vision statement, I had to force myself to read it out loud in my own voice, instead of just reading it in my head. Even though I was the only one in the room! Never mind the internal freakout I had the first time my boyfriend walked in on me reading it out loud – and I forced myself to continue and finish, even though I was cringing inside.

So I am here to tell you today – that at first it will feel like a huge act of courage to share what you really want out loud to other people. But then as you begin sharing your why, your motivation, your mission, your vision – you will turn a corner and it will become addicting. Because you will see that the more you authentically share your vision the more you begin to gather support and like-minded people along your journey.

You start to get that when you start a conversation by sharing your vision – it doesn’t feel salesy – it feels freeing and collaborative. You start to get referred to people who have a similar vision. You start to realize that people don’t care so much about the facts of what you are doing as much as they care about why you are driven to jump off the path of should’s and carve your own.

My hope for you is that you are willing to start saying out loud what you really want – and see what happens.

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