Attracting Leads & Nurturing Prospects – The Light Bulb Moment You Just May Need! – Chelsea Fournier

Attracting Leads & Nurturing Prospects – The Light Bulb Moment You Just May Need!

I feel like the common cry of network marketers is IF ONLY.
If only I could talk to more people.
If only more people watched my live videos.
If only I had more engagement on my posts.
If only I knew more people.
If only my business grew faster.
Many network marketing entrepreneurs have put systems into place to consistently generate more leads, but we are still not seeing leads turn to sales and wonder why. I recently had a major light bulb moment, that is worth passing on.
True professionals, six figure, seven figure earners are tracking their leads and CONSISTENTLY moving their leads to prospect status, and on down their funnel. If you are now realizing that you are either a) NOT tracking the names of new leads or b) not intentionally moving them deeper into your funnel, you may be nodding your head right now.
Once you find those leads, you have to actively move them to prospect and further down your funnel. Creating a prospect from a lead makes you successful NOT consistently adding leads.
You may ask what is the difference between a lead and a prospect?
A lead is someone you have not talked to them about the products, or the business yet. You haven’t invited them to take a look. They are a lead. They could lead you to a conversation, they could lead you to a referral, they could lead you to a sale, they could lead you to a business partnership. You don’t know at this point.  They are a big question mark of potential. You could meet new leads at networking events, on social media, or wherever you are focusing on meeting and connecting with new people.
A prospect is someone who’s willing to learn more about your products, services or business. Someone you can add into a Facebook group, invite to look at a tool, or send a shopping cart. Someone who attends an opportunity webinar with you, or is willing to watch a video. A prospect is willing to hear about what you are offering and have a conversation about it and take a step proactively.
Do you see that based on where the relationship is at, there is a big difference between a lead and prospect. Keeping track of who has crossed over the lead line will help you move people down your funnel.
Are you consistently converting your leads to prospects?
One thing I realized is that I’m very methodical in most aspects of my business, but I was winging my business in respect to tracking leads. The consistency and diligence it takes to generate new leads (showing up online, posting, interacting, creating content), must then translate into consistency and diligence in tracking those leads and inviting them to look at your products or business.
If you know how to effectively track and move leads to a status of prospect, THEN you need more leads. If you’re not effectively tracking your leads and converting them to prospects, you do not need more people.  You need a better system!
I have a system in place to generate leads daily in my primary hubs on social media. For example, I post twice a day on my personal profile on Facebook, I post once a day on Instagram, I post stories on Facebook and Instagram, I choose to interact in select Facebook Groups, and I have LinkedIn set up to grow my network daily.  From these 5 lead generators, my goal is to generate 10 new leads a day.
What I realized recently was that I was missing the tracking piece. You want to be creative expanding your warm market list, but if you are not tracking leads, you don’t know who you are trying to turn from a lead to a prospect. A lead does not turn himself or herself into a prospect. YOU have to initiate conversations. That’s the real work in our profession.

Are you having conversations that make people feel special?
Too many of us are hoping somebody we casually talk to is going to probe about what we are doing, jump up and down, and want to join are business.  Are you a little bit guilty of that? You’ve got to own your skills and become a master conversationalist – the art of our profession! You must start conversations in order to dial it down and move leads from the top of your funnel.  You must commit to making people feel special. You must commit to asking powerful questions – own the process of becoming a master conversationalist. It’s not going to happen overnight so if you feel like that’s a weakness, you need to work on making it a strength.
Do you see the bigger picture now? Generating leads is a very small portion of growing your database. If you’re spending all of your time just adding new connections, that’s not going to add to your bank account. At some point, you have to actually get your leads over the line to prospects.  To do this well, you need to track your leads so that you can physically look at a list and see where your connections fit in your funnel then you need to rock your conversational skills and make people feel special. All of these steps move your connections beyond leads and on down your funnel so you can be truly successful!!
? Does the distinction between lead & prospect help to think through your own process?
? What are your methods for attracting new leads to you as you grow your network?
? How can you track your leads more clearly?
✔️ Let me know your biggest take-aways and thoughts in the comments!
Attracting Leads & Nurturing Prospects – The Light Bulb Moment You Just May Need // Chelsea Fournier

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