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Move towards your ideal lifestyle outcome

I am just back from attending a two-day business mastermind retreat with my business coaching and mentor. For two days I was literally in a room with more than 30 high achieving top earning like successful visionary entrepreneurs. As you can imagine that energy in the room was mind-blowing – just being in the presence of people who are wanting to level up and help others do the same was incredibly inspiring.

Of course I took pages and pages of notes, and have lots of tasks to implement to grow my business from what I learned. But hands down was more of a concept that I want to instill in all of my decisions and priorities in my business going forward.

Do you ever hear a concept that just shakes you to your core? That makes you wonder how you hadn’t thought of things in that light before? 

The concept that struck me right between the eyes was that all priorities and initiatives should be in alignment with the lifestyle outcome you want to achieve.

Think about that. It seems so simple. But so much of our education and career driven culture is the opposite.


We are taught that you go to school, get a good job, and then squeeze in life on evenings and weekends. If you don’t earn much, you need to live a lifestyle that matches your income.

But what if instead you really articulated and clarified the lifestyle you wanted, and made decisions based on moving closer towards that reality?

If you can latch on to the WHAT of what you want your lifestyle to look like, and become tenacious and flexible in the HOW of how it will be achieved, literally nothing can stop you.

Have you ever heard someone say that they pushed themselves to achieve a goal because they thought it would make them happy, but then when they reached their goal they realized they were no happier than before?

A lot of times this has to do with the fact that achieving the goal – in the way it was achieved – still didn’t result in the lifestyle that was the real desire.

For example – I know that I could earn 6-figures as a lawyer. But the lifestyle outcome of billing away hours to further client goals, the long days, the stress, the sedentary lifestyle would not be in alignment with my desired lifestyle outcome.

So instead I am building a business that allows me to work towards that same earnings level goal – but which allows me to work from home, to use social media to grow my business, and involves me in travel to exciting places regularly.

My tip for the day is to really slow down and take the time to fall in love with what you are working towards.

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