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3 benefits live video has had on my business

I get it. You went in business to be yourself. To be authentic. To find your own voice and create your own path.

And then you realized how hard it is to articulate your value in a 30-second pitch, how challenging it can be to really grow your tribe or audience, and how scary it is to really raise your visibility.

You may be like me – stuck between wanting to help thousands of people – and struggling to overcome introverted tendencies, shyness, or habits that keep you playing small.

I was at a live conference almost a year ago and was given the challenge to do a live video on Facebook every day. I had no idea why it would benefit me, what I would talk about, or if anyone would care. I greatly resisted the thought of taking on the challenge. And it is because I was feeling so much resistance that I knew I had to accept it. The most meaningful actions and commitments are what raise the most resistance and fear.

I had no idea what the challenge would mean to my career, my story, or my life long-term. Now less than a year later, I can see on my Facebook profile that I have 126 videos in my photo album. And many more that posted only to my business page.

More importantly I have a folder of saved screenshots of testimonials, thank you messages, and support for what I am trying to achieve with my videos.

I wanted to share, based on my experience and results, the 3 primary lessons I have from doing live video 30 days in a row.

I found my voice

The only way to figure out what you want to talk about day after day is to start. There is a huge difference between going live and doing recorded videos (where you can painstakingly do 40 takes until you get a “perfect” or at least “passable” version you are comfortable uploading. In the moment you may stumble over your words. Lose your train of thought. Or realize that you hate talking about the topic you planned out.

I thought I wanted to do live trainings on mindset trainings and taking control of your life. And I did for a while. And then I mixed in some social media tips, some business resources, the books I was reading. I paid attention to the engagement of my audience. I also paid attention to my energy and how I felt when training on different topics.

I found that for the first few weeks I felt like a robot – but then longer into the process I could be my sassy self on live video. I found my voice through action. No amount of journaling, reading, or studying would have better helped me clarify what I want to do through action. Live. Raw. Genuine action.

I found my avatar

I also started to see who was tuning into my videos. Who was liking, commenting, and sharing. I started reaching out by private messenger to people who were interacting with my video posts and getting into deeper conversations. I wanted to know what struggles and problems they had, and make more content to support them.

I started to see common themes and trends in what my audience was resonating with, and needing. I began to identify who my customer avatar was for each of my businesses through this process. A customer avatar (if you aren’t familiar) is a rough sketch of the traits, characteristics, habits, and pain points of your ideal client, customer, or business partner. It is a clear vision of who you are trying to connect with, so that you can tailor your content to speak to the avatar’s needs.

Because of the questions and conversations I had through messenger with some of my avid viewers, I was actually able to develop a Facebook group that almost 80 people ended up joining within the first 3 days of announcing it. As I honed in more deeply onto consistent messaging with a focus on adding value, it turns out, I was beginning to attract a tribe of like-minded people.

In fact, I took the best of the discussions we had, and developed an online self-study course, and also a coaching practice. Without the initial community I may have been months behind on figuring out what I wanted to offer people and how I could help cut their learning curve in a way that would get them an ROI on working with me. Invaluable.

I made a commitment

I am a rare bird that does what I say I will do. Even once the initial emotion has left the building. Once I told people (the very few initial viewers of my first video on periscope and then on Facebook) that I would be back daily – it became a commitment to more than just myself.

I am humble enough to know that people weren’t waiting with baited breath for my next video. But I had told people they could count on me. That I would be working hard to try to add value to their day by sharing my journey, resources that were helping me, and tips for success. I didn’t want to let them or myself down.

It turns out this was the most valuable part of the challenge for me. Because it is much easier to flake out on commitments that only I know about. But I didn’t want to go back on my word to the people who had viewed my video.

Now let’s talk about the big picture. Doing live videos is not going to make you an overnight success in your industry. It (likely) won’t quadruple your audience in a few weeks. But it will help you hone your communications around your business and vision, and it may have the same 3 benefits I saw – and more.

There are certainly some mechanics and strategies to get under your belt to make sure you are having a great presence as you get started. But what holds most people back is more about the “mental game” of visibility.

As with any marketing strategy, you want to have a clear vision of what your end game is, a commitment to overcoming hurdles, learning new skills, and improving over time. I am still doing live videos regularly on Facebook to keep honing my skills, growing my tribe, and adding value to my avatar. I would recommend you consider doing the same if these 3 benefits seem valuable to you as well.

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