Magnetic FB Timeline – Chelsea Fournier

4 Simple Steps to Create a Magnetic Facebook Timeline

Become an influencer and grow a following of ideal leads you can build relationships with so that you close more sales & recruits for your MLM business!

The free guide will teach you how to:

  • Get super clear on what to post about & how often to post on Facebook, so that you can get on & off Facebook & spend more time talking to people who might buy from you.
  • Attract ideal leads to your Facebook timeline every single day for your MLM business, so that you can expand your network & find customers & recruits.
  • Make 3-5 new sales a week behind the scenes through messenger, turning your leads into buyers without being sales-y.
  • Make sure you never run out of people who are eager to talk to you about what you have & excitedly agree to take a look at what you do!

Get started & make 3-5 new sales this week!

BONUS AUDIO - Worried you won't be able to implement my system without more guidance? I got your back!

Ditch the overwhelm and confusion and start rocking your personal power hour daily, so that you can establish yourself as an authority, keep your funnel filled and Messenger inbox blowing up, and gain more customers and business through your personal profile.

Create a simple system for mapping out 2️ higher quality posts a day that drive engagement...

so you can stop chasing people and making this harder than it needs to be.

Tina Grinolds

Before working with Chelsea to figure out My 3 Buckets and what to do with my personal profile, I felt I felt lost and ineffective.  It was hard for me to come up with posts.

Since learning her 4 Simple Steps, I feel more confident about what to do with my Facebook profile, and I’m starting to see more engagement and get conversations going. I feel more productive in my power hour and when I plan my posts and videos!


Ann Marie Haflich

Before Chelsea’s 4 Simple Steps I was trying to figure out how to brand myself, for posting on social media and was having trouble planning my week ahead of time to create valuable posts. I was wasting so much time when I could have been doing income producing activities.

These steps help me plan ahead and figure out my 3 buckets of topics. Now I am able to look for opportunities, pictures, and content that fit into my buckets and my posts are attracting more leads daily!

Who is Chelsea Fournier

Chelsea Fournier is a lawyer by trade and an entrepreneur by heart. She is now a professional network marketing entrepreneur and also a coach and trainer for others in the profession looking to find authentic, efficient, and impactful ways to grow their business through social media with integrity and results.

Chelsea helps network marketing & direct sales entrepreneurs create a real game plan for how to use social media to grow a brand and a business online without overwhelm or confusion.

Hundreds of students and clients tune in to Chelsea’s weekly trainings to learn simple systems to confidently implement and teach in their teams to experience massive momentum, and have fun growing a business online.

She is a native of Maine, and a current digital nomad exploring the country, growing her business and helping her students & clients via online methods. Her husband Bernie and little black cat Nora are part of the adventure as well.

Disclaimer: The resource you are opting to access offers trainings & information on how to leverage the Facebook platform to attract more leads & interest in you as an influencer and business owner. This is not intended as guidance to breach Facebook policies in any way. Your best judgment may be needed to make sure you are implementing what you learn in accordance with the policies of Facebook. The resources are not created or approved by Facebook.