Magnetic Timeline Minicourse – Chelsea Fournier


Jump in to the 5-day mini-course. Space out the trainings daily, or feel free to binge-watch at your convenience.

Bonus Modules Included!

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This mini-course was originally recorded in my FB group – the Tribe of Intentional Entrepreneurs. If you aren’t in the group yet – make sure to add yourself in, to hang out with and learn alongside other entrepreneurs using intentional online strategies to grow their network marketing & direct sales businesses. You will fit right in!


Day 1: How To Find Another You - Staying High Vibe And Raising Your Visibility

Day 2: Magnetizing Your Facebook Profile & Personal Brand (My 3 Bucket System)

Day 3: Mix & Match - Planning Your Personal Profile With Ease

Day 4: Confidence & Clarity Around Your Rockstar Online Workflow

Day 5: Becoming a Power Hour Master & Duplicating Your Success

Power Hour Checklist

In case you haven’t separately downloaded my Power Hour Checklist previously – it’s here for your convenient download.


Setting Up Your Personal Profile for Business

10 Rookie Mistakes You Must Avoid Growing Your Business on Facebook

Are You Really Ready to Ramp Up?

If you have just completed the Magnetic Timeline Mini-Course & Bonus Modules – and are realizing you really need personalized support to ramp up your online presence & master your online workflow, you are in luck. I take a limited amount of 1:1 private coaching clients at any given time. If you want to explore what my signature coaching package is – to help you get on the path to Your $5K Months Social Strategy – you can book a Discovery Call now!