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Match Your Calendar & Your Spending Habits To Your Values

Do you ever want to bail on things that are good for you?

Yesterday I wanted to bail on one of the most important habits for our week to run smoothly, because I was feeling lazy. Does that sound familiar to you?


But then I leaned into this mantra that I will share today, that helped me refocus and feel grateful & excited to make it happen for us.


If you struggle with talking yourself out of doing things you know are good for you, this chat will help you reframe and get more done.


My name is Chelsea Fournier, and I help the multitasking mom make healthy decisions for herself and her family, without breaking the bank or putting herself on the back burner.


Here’s the mantra that kept my on track

I have been toying around with a mantra, that helps me to make decisions and motivate myself to do things I value, even when it’s not convenient.


Mantra to toy with:

At the end of the day, I want my calendar & my spending habits to match my values


What is a value?

Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. 


Values are basic and fundamental beliefs that guide or motivate attitudes or actions. They help us to determine what is important to us. 


To me it’s basically things I want to prioritize, even when they are inconvenient, because it is what I want to be known for, to model to my family, and to prove to myself…if that makes sense.


Some of my biggest values are:

-nourishing our family at the highest level

-focus on body, mind & spirit

-clean living (removing toxins)

-honest communication

-positive mental attitude

-minimalism & mindful purchasing

-focusing on compliments, vs criticism

-supporting our local community

-exploring our world


So what did I want to bag out on yesterday?


I made this short video to give you the whole story, or keep reading on below.


Meal Prep. I wanted to bail on meal prep.

I usually love meal prepping. I take great joy in making food for my family. But I was tired. Emory wasn’t napping. I had cramps. I was annoyed that I had to hang in the kitchen for 2 hours and get all our food made.

Plus, I was also low grade annoyed, that truly trying to help your family eat healthy and nourish their bodies sometimes feels like an uphill battle. That’s one of my major soapboxes in life, and it was getting me down just like it gets you down sometimes too.


So I decided to peruse the topics of a podcast that was recently sent to me, by a new friend on Facebook, who also follows the Weston A Price Foundation and Nourishing Traditions approach to nourishing her family.


And one of the topics that stood out to me was Secret Ingredients that Make Us Sick.

This was an interview with Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology.

He explained how many “secret ingredients” are making our population sick, and how chronic ailments and degenerative diseases are tied to GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides.

His #1 suggestion for how to avoid these negative impacts for your family is to buy exclusively organic foods, and prepare your own meals for your family. 


This really hit home yesterday.


So I chose to do the harder thing. I chose to grab all of our organic produce items, and ButcherBox cuts, and healthy cooking fats, and get down to work.


And in 2-ish hours, I had prepared:


chicken thighs

a pork roast

ground beef

butternut squash

roasted broccoli

roasted sweet potatoes

creamed berries

chopped up fresh veggies & cheese for snacking on easily

found a few recipes for items I will make later this week when our Thrive Market arrives with a few key ingredients


Now all week as we lean into our meals, I can feel like proud that it is in alignment with my values.


The time spent grocery shopping and meal prepping, the bigger grocery bill because we buy almost exclusively organic.


We have the control to make small and big decisions on how we spend our time and money.


A few other examples of bringing values into the equation


Here are a few random examples of how I try to match our values with how I spent my time and how we spend our money.


Value: clean living & removing chemicals

Activity: haircuts

I used to just expect getting a headache after getting my haircut, until I realized it was the toxic environment triggering it. So now I have a plan for staying in a similar budget for haircuts for the year, but choosing my salon carefully and mindfully.

Instead of going for 6 haircuts a year in a typical salon that will expose me to lots of chemicals & fragrances in the products use, where I would spend maybe $45-50

I am planning on going 3-4 times this year, in a completely fragrance and toxin free salon for a $75 cut.

I can limit the frequency, to stay in a similar budget, but have my exposure to harsh hairsprays, shampoos, and perfumes limited.


Value: minimalism & mindful purchasing AND supporting our local community

Activity: Furnishing our home

After living in an apartment for years together, and having a minimalist approach to furnishing and decoration, now living in a larger home we have a lot of “space to fill.” But I didn’t want to rush out and buy big box furniture until we really saw how we wanted to use a space, and ideally circulate some cash in our local community to find meaningful pieces.

Instead of buying lots of new furniture for the home we are still settling into, I want to see Venmo charges, to local families who are passing on used furniture in good condition. I want to see carefully chosen hardwood cabinets & tables to decorate our home and store our belongings, instead of cheap plastic items that throw off toxins.


Value: nourishing our family at the highest level

Activity: Education & socialization of our son

We want our son nourished on ways other than just calories and nutrients. The relationships we help him foster, whether they be peers, or caretakers makes a big impact at this stage.

Instead of spending extra on toys for Baby E to play with, or introducing him to a screen to occupy him while I need to work from home, we chose to find and pay for amazing childcare to be in my home, so I can work with joy and peace when she is here.

When I see time in my calendar devoted to working, knowing that our nanny will be with my son, it feels like a great use of time and money resources all around. He gets a positive relationship with someone truly invested in his development, and I get peaceful work time.


I want my calendar filled with times dedicated to working out, meditating, moving my body, doing work I love, preparing food for my family, and connecting with loved ones. AND YES I put stuff like that in my calendar so I can plan ahead, AND celebrate as I reflect back.


I want our bank account to show lots of additional payments to pay down debt, additional deposits from our online business payments, and mindful spending on things that resonate with what we want to be known for and what we want to role model to our son.


One thing I want to be known for specifically this year, is helping moms like you to explore what it can mean to have a higher state of physical and mental health. To overcome past hurdles of lack of energy, focus, motivation, or strength…that holds you back from showing up as mindfully as you may want to as the leader of your family.


The best way for us to see if a custom biohacking starter kit would make sense for you, is for us to hop on a free Focus & Power Up Call. In 15 minutes, I ask questions and help you get to the heart of what is holding you back from being at your peak energy, focus, clarity, motivation, and overall health.

If you got value out of this post, please share below what your biggest take-away is. And I would love to know what core values you want to match in how you spend your time and money going forward. Please comment below.

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