My Story - Chelsea Fournier

My name is Chelsea - and I am writing my unique success story every single day.

From the outside looking in, I had everything together. I had just bought my first home. I was at the beginning of an exciting career as a lawyer, I was making a great living, and doing all the things I thought I “should” be doing.

Until I started to realize that the things I felt I “should” be doing were completely disconnected from what I truly wanted. Two years into the process, the monotony of stress, exhaustion, and pressure I put on myself was catching up. On a random Tuesday morning I stepped out of the shower and all of a sudden was on my bathroom floor. I couldn’t breathe. I was sobbing and gasping for air. I was 27 years old and was having an anxiety attack before 6:30AM.

I had to be in the office with a crisp suit and smile on my face within the hour. I literally didn’t have time to deal with my own mental health. I realized at this moment everything had to change. Which was incredibly scary and overwhelming.

I didn’t know where to begin to start unraveling my decisions. But I knew that every day I kept putting my suit on and making believe everything was “OK”, I was squelching my dreams of a life of travel, of rich relationships, of financial abundance, and personal health and wellness. I made believe it was “fine” to be sitting at a desk every day, in an office with a view, with no time to pursue any of my passions. I felt guilty because I felt like I should be grateful.

One of the hardest parts of deciding to make a change was giving myself permission to try again. To admit that I had gotten off track somewhere. I realized life is too short to try to make the “shoulds” of life feel “fine.” I had dreams of the life I wanted to pursue “someday” – and decided to start working on a vision and action plan sooner rather than later.

Once I became open, and clear that I was seeking a new path I decided to really focus in on the lifestyle that I wanted as the priority. I wanted to be able to work from home. I wanted to be able to travel and not be limited geographically. I wanted to work with inspired, positive, and health-conscious colleagues so I would be inclined to raise myself up. I also wanted my profession to be incredibly lucrative. I will be honest. Because I have big change I want to make in this world, and I believe that when good people are given great means, they do great good in the world. 

As I became clear, as tends to happen in my life, an opportunity fell into my lap. It was up to me to explore it and make a decision. In May of 2013 I decided to get involved as a distributor with a network marketing company that really rang my bells on everything I was looking for. I decided to get in, take it seriously, and get to work.


A part of me wishes I could tell you that my story was one of overnight success. It hasn’t been. And yet I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I have built my business, I have seen amazing things happen in my life, both because of the lifestyle benefits I had sought, as well as the financial gain from running a home-based business.

  • When my residual check exceeded my monthly student loan bill amount, I began seeing the potential of this business model.
  • When my grandfather was in the hospital, I was able to be there with him until the night of his passing, because I didn’t have to call out of a job. I could prioritize time spent exactly where I needed to be.
  • When I needed to leave a toxic relationship, I had the financial cushion of a young and blossoming residual income check to give me confidence that I could make it on my own.
  • When a hurricane was coming towards our hometown, while many others had to stay out of concern for losing a job or being close to get back to work, we were able to leave immediately for safety and count on our residual income to pay our bills.
  • When I just want to go get away with my amazingly sexy and supportive husband, we can travel wherever we want and work part-days wherever there is wi-fi, to squeeze more adventures out of life.

Now I see that my journey needed to unfold exactly as it did, for me to learn the skills, the consistency, and the grit needed to make the impact and the income that I wish to achieve in this new career for myself. I had some “unlearning” to do, in order to become the version of myself that is on the path I am currently on.

Looking back, I didn’t realize it at the time, but somewhere along the way I had allowed my mind to adopt negative and unhealthy patterns. I had fallen into a “misery loves company” complacent mindset and hadn’t even noticed. I had to intentionally retrain my mind to focus on the positive, to dream again, and to create my life more purposefully. I had no idea that the most amazing catalyst for this journey (and also how I would meet my husband) was in the network marketing profession.

Now I continue to grow my own team and customer base, with the company I chose to align with, and also love to coach and mentor others in the profession who are happily aligned with a company and team, but need mentoring on social media strategies, daily method of operation, and systems that will help them write their own success story.

I hope to inspire others who are seeking more in their lives, to consider this great profession as a way to meet one or many needs they are feeling in their life (personal, professional, financial). And if you are already rocking it – I would love to help you cut your learning and earning curve – so you can share your own unique success story from your company’s stage.

Depending on whether you are looking to launch a business with a mentor who cares, to find a coach to help raise you to the next level of your success story, or to dive into some self-study and support – I truly hope that you find what you are looking for here on this site, and in my community.

In whichever direction your path takes you – I encourage you to take inspired action towards the lifestyle you want to create for yourself, and to plan for and expect very intentional results. Don’t leave your success to chance!