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Imagine how good your body and mind can feel!
It is possible.

My Story Is Of Course Unique To Me, But I Wonder If You Can Relate?

Less than a decade ago, I would have told you I was healthy, that I was fine…when in fact I was neither of those things. At the peak of the 2008 crash, I graduated from law school and accepted a job offer from a top law firm in my market. I was ecstatic to go shopping for suits and heels, stepping into the life of a corporate lawyer at the age of 24. I liked a lot of aspects of my work; I believed I was really good at what I did. However, this season of my life is when everything came to a head, and it became clear that the lifestyle and demands of my work were taxing my body and mind in ways that were unhealthy. 

I Was Ashamed By How Unwell I Was, As Though It Was A Personal Failure

At this time, there were two sides of me in relation to my health. The side everyone saw was me bringing in homemade bread and salads for lunch, leaving for a massage break, squeezing in a workout before 6AM, growing my own produce, going on hiking trips, and taking vitamins by the handful. From the outside, it looked like I lived a healthy lifestyle. 


And then there was the side that I hid. Out of shame. Between the years 2008 and 2013 there are large chunks of my life that I missed out on, because I was fighting an uphill battle. I can recall times when:


  • I had to ask my HR department to buy me a special lamp and standing desk so I could work through chronic headaches and joint pain.
  • I had to leave my office to go sit in my car in the parking garage, to suffer through a panic attack in private.
  • I couldn’t stay awake past 8:30PM because of fatigue, but at 2AM would be wide awake staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning the rest of the night.
  • I spent 2 hours in the bathroom violently ill from food allergy reactions, after eating a “safe” salad at a local steakhouse with a client.
  • I cried in the dressing room, because I was shopping for a new suit…again…after gaining more weight. 
  • I spent much of one winter on the couch, coughing all night, to the point I was nervous I had broken a rib.
  • I had to be carried down a mountain in the dark, because a fever and flu hit me out of nowhere, and ruined our hike-in New Year’s Eve cabin get-away. 
  • I had urinary tract infections and yeast infections back to back for 6 months solid.
  • I had a menstrual cycle that lasted 120 days, with mind numbing cramps.

I was struggling, but admitting something was deeply wrong was too overwhelming; my poor health felt like a chink in the armor of the successful appearance I wanted to convey.


I powered through these challenges, without slowing down the demands of my life or career. I downplayed how I felt. I was making efforts, but getting no results from the diet changes, supplements, or workouts I was trying. I was giving up hope that anything could help me, so I just tried to manage and hide what was going on.

My Wake Up Call Came When I Was In Las Vegas

In March of 2014 I received a phone call that was the catalyst for major change in my life.


I was in Las Vegas for a work conference, just starting to unpack in the hotel, when I saw a number dialing in from my doctor’s office. I had finally caved and gone in for some testing right before I left for the trip. My doctor called me personally on a weekend with results. She asked if I had something to take notes with. 


She jumped right in, rattling off facts. A diagnosis. An acronym. Books I should buy. A medication I would be on for life. And ended with a very matter of fact statement that it would be unlikely I could have children naturally without medication or intervention. She suggested that if having children was a goal of mine, I should start looking into options sooner than later. 


I hung up, and looked at my notes. A bit dazed. Very confused. Through all the note scratchings, all I saw was “NO BABY” in all caps, circled 3 times. Despite all the health issues I had been facing, and stress I was under, I had been trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully for two years. It was a huge strain on my already crumbling marriage. The pit in my stomach felt heavy and dark, as my mind spiraled to worst case scenarios. And I spent the rest of the night at the open bar numbing my fears, until the sun came up.


Later that morning I nursed my hangover and took out my journal. I began writing all the reasons and ways I could turn this into a positive. And from then on, I began looking for ways that this wake-up call could become a silver lining.

I Had Normalized Being Chronically Sick

I finally admitted to myself that I had normalized being chronically sick, and had given up on the hope of feeling well. When it was just about me, I could power through it. But I wasn’t willing to power through and miss my chance to have the family I had always wanted.


I met with my doctor again once when I returned home, and tried her way of treatment for a total of 5 days. After feeling horrible side effects, and doing my own research on long-term risks, I stopped the medication cold turkey and cancelled my follow-up appointments. I became a voracious researcher and learner, and began exploring alternative health modalities and lifestyle changes that may benefit me. I advocated for myself, and became stubbornly committed to following through with the changes I pursued.


2014 & 2015 were a whirlwind in ways I had never even considered. The Cliff Notes version is that in those 2 years I worked up the courage to strip out everything in my life that caused me more stress than I could handle while healing. 


I left my failing marriage, and we amicably fast-tracked a divorce. I took a sabbatical from my career, trusting that I could grow my online side hustle into something bigger. I moved in with my sister, and took on creating a positive mindset for health and hope like it was a full-time job. I made vision boards, said positive healing affirmations, and read book after book about healing, health, and positivity. At the same time I was being introduced to the concept of biohacking.

Biohacking Became My Way To Take Back Control

Biohacking was a new term to me. Biohacking is finding ways to take control of your biology. If you’ve researched and pursued ways to improve your health, you are a biohacker without knowing the label. But biohacking is more than just guessing what changes to make and hoping. It is about understanding why you feel, think, and perform certain ways. Getting to know your body, and how to positively tweak how you feel for optimal health and well-being.


We live in a world that is constantly hijacking our bodies and cells in ways we literally can’t keep up with. No other generation has had to deal with EMF exposure, toxic products, water pollution, chemical exposure, poor food quality, or stressors like we do today. Looking back, when I was at my rock bottom, I was eating an alarming amount of sugar like an addict, consuming alcohol to numb my stress, taking part in high intensity workouts that taxed my body in an attempt to lose weight, unaware of ingredients in my food or products, and under high amounts of emotional stress in my personal and professional life.

I Started My Biohacking Journey Gently

It would have been completely overwhelming to tackle overhauling everything at once. So as I came to know better, I tried to do better. With small tweaks that started to make a big difference. As I started my biohacking journey.


For me, the beginning was all about simple lifestyle changes…like drinking filtered water, meditating daily, trying gentler exercise options like yoga and walking, finding my optimal sleep cycle, eating more healthy fats, trying intermittent fasting. But biohacking really ramped up for me when I learned about nutrigenomics, and how to support my microbiome.

How I Feel Now & How I Can Help You

Fast forward to the end of 2020 as I write this, wrapping up a wild pandemic year of being a mom to a toddler, coming up on 3 years of marriage to my amazing husband, and a solid 7 years into my biohacking journey, and I could not be more thankful. They say that the cells in your body regenerate every 7 years, which means that every one of my current cells has been with me on this activated living journey, and I truly feel like a new woman. 


You don’t have to be a scientist to benefit from this nerdy sounding biohacking science. In fact, I can help make it downright simple for you. Over the years I have researched and aligned with one primary product line that I recommend, have so many books, guided meditations, podcasts, nutrition ideas, and health hacks that I love passing on to others, to cut the overwhelm.


If you are serious about making a change, click the Let’s Talk button (see the button at the top of this page?), and let’s chat for 15 minutes.


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