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Do you ever feel like the trainers and top earners you are following are just so far removed from where you are, that it’s hard to imagine getting out of your own way to finally rank advance and grow like they are?

Is it possible to get real traction building online without getting sucked into the adrenaline-pumped hustle mentality or glued to your phone 24-7?

Are you tired of attending webinars, masterclasses, and mini-trainings – consuming hours of content trying to cobble together conflicting or confusion information into a cohesive plan & system?


Feeling like until you know how to lead yourself to success, you can’t ask others on your team to trust or follow you?


Maybe you’ve gotten some success making sales or recruiting team members from your social media efforts, but you don’t feel confident enough to teach it, so you can’t duplicate your success.


You are working your tail off.

Somewhere along your journey, you have gotten so turned around by all the options of what to do, especially on social media, and things feel more overwhelming than ever.

You’ve been stuck at a rank, or shooting for an incentive for ages. Or maybe you are growing but it feels a bit more chaotic than you want.

You aren’t afraid of hard work. Your dreams are worth it. But you are tired of feeling stuck, and like you are on a hamster wheel trying tactic after tactic, that seems to work for “everyone else” except for you.

3 years ago I was about ready to give up.

I had grown my business to a foundational rank in my company using old school methods (coffee shop meetings, driving all over creation, and attending networking events 3 times a week). Everyone was high fiving me and telling me it was all uphill from here.

I wanted to celebrate achieving the top 1% of my company, but I was too exhausted…I was still working full-time as an attorney, going through some major life at the moment, and was burning the candle at both ends.

I believed in what I was doing, I just couldn’t keep grinding in the same way. I became obsessed with working smarter, instead of harder. I saw the potential of building online and knew I didn’t want to get left behind.

Can I be really honest? Most of the trainers out there teaching social media systems for MLM make my tummy turn.

They just make it seem too easy. And I was falling into a trap of consuming hours and hours of webinars, podcasts, and mini-courses trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I was also suffering from major comparitis that didn’t serve me at all. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t becoming an overnight success.

And then I realized how silly it was for me to think that would happen.

I was working full-time, juggling career and side hustle, and you know – my already busy life.

I decided that my dreams were worth it, and I wanted to leverage social media, but I didn’t want to lose my soul or get caught up in an adrenaline-pumped hustle culture that didn’t resonate with me. I wanted to work smarter. Period.

I threw myself into learning social media and online marketing from some of the best in the industry for 2 years!

I took what served me, and left the rest behind.

I began creating my own systems, checklists, and daily methods – and started to attract the type of people I actually wanted to serve and grow with. And now I am ready to turn around and help you do the same.

Take the right action & grow your residual check & rank!

It’s not always about just hustling your face off. Sometimes simple tweaks & consistency are your friend.

I’m not saying it won’t take action & commitment. It will! But confusion & overwhelm is not serving you.

I work with network marketing entrepreneurs who are committed to achieving their goals and want to master new modern techniques of using social media to grow their business. 

They are just tired of doing “all the things” online and feeling overwhelmed & behind. 

Master Your Daily Plan
is designed just for you!

Module 1

Develop a Winning Daily Method of Operation To Rank Advance ASAP!

  • Learn the 3 daily actions you may be missing the mark on – and how it’s killing your growth
  • Create a clear vision & intention for what you want to see happening in the next 3 months
  • Understand what it takes to hit your next rank so you aren’t flying blind setting goals
  • Develop a daily focus on income producing activities that you can stick to as a baseline and scale up
  • Finally get a handle on your priorities & time planning so that you can be the CEO of your day
Module 2

My Sizzling Stories Method to Help You Make More Sales (without feeling sales-y)

  • Stop feeling like a deer in headlights every time someone asks you what you do
  • Learn how to answer questions in a way that keeps control of the conversation and deepens connection with your prospect
  • Step into a higher level of confidence & posture speaking about your company and industry
  • Learn how to say less to more people, so you know who to share more with
  • Accelerate the know, like & trust factor that leads to more YES’s and sales
Module 3

Map Out a Personal Brand & Posting Strategy to Draw Leads To You Like a Magnet

  • Approach your Facebook profile with a whole new strategy that is compliant and compelling
  • Develop your personal brand in a super fun & simple way with my 3 Bucket System
  • Cut hours off your week by learning how to content batch & plan posts with my Magnetic Brand Post Planning Template
  • Organize your leads using Friends Lists & other ideas for never letting a hot lead slip through the cracks
Module 4

Become a Facebook Ninja & Master Your Personal Power Hour

  • Boost your visibility & influence without creating MORE content
  • Learn what to do daily, without needing to be freaked out by the Facebook algorithm
  • The power of shadowing & teaching the power hour checklist to your team
  • The difference between a lead and a prospect, and your daily goal
  • Learn why Facebook Live videos cannot be ignored – get ready to go live!
Module 5

Your Rockstar Online Workflow for Closing More Sales & Recruits with Posture

  • How to ask engaging questions and transition from chit chat to natural sales conversations
  • Stop guessing what to do with someone when they say they are open
  • How to be the messenger rather than the message, focusing on tools & team
  • Are you leaving money on table without a strong Facebook group strategy?
Module 6

Lead Yourself So That You Can Lead Others for Massive Momentum in Your Team

  • Setting realistic expectations without dampening excitement for better retention & commitment
  • Confidently launch your new team members & create success stories
  • The power of documentation for duplication & buy-in to your systems
  • Model a business that is systems dependent, not people dependent
  • How to become a hybrid marketer & meet prospects & team members where they are at

How are you spending your time online?

Are you falling into the scroll hole?

It’s time to take control and bring your brand & story to a bigger platform. Get in, get out, and get results.

What if you could create content that would capture the interest of 10, 20, 40 new leads a day?

What if you felt confident on how to show others in your team to do the same?

I’ve been talking with more people. Had coffee this morning with 2 women who are considering joining my business. One I’ve had conversations with and had seen a 3rd party tool.

The other was my 1st conversation and she seems ready to join. I can speak more confidently about my opportunity. And, thanks to my power hour checklist, I feel confident I know how to get new partners started off right! – Done

- Catherine Palsa Audevard

I met Chelsea at an event and felt a great vibe. I followed her on FB and watched a few of her free trainings. Each time her words resonated with me and I felt motivation and clarity and the need to DO.

I had a lump in my throat as I clicked to sign up for the course but I KNEW it was what I NEEDED to create the life I desire for my family.

Within the first two weeks I have signed up 2 new members, and a team member signed up her first person! My vision is getting clearer, my dedication and belief in my self is getting stronger. I look forward to continuing to change my posture and change the world as I grow personally and professionally.

- Jennifer Stegman

Master Your Daily Plan Includes:

6 Modules, broken down into multiple bite-size lessons. I get how busy you are, and focus on delivering the highest impact information, with homework suggestions to deepen your learning & results ASAP!

6 Module Roadmaps that will help you track your progress. Deepen your learning, and develop your own daily method of operation and online workflow, tweaked for your own goals and commitment level.

Deep Dive Videos. When there is a lesson that I know requires some deeper discussion, I spin-off a deep dive video within the module to help you break down the content and customize it for your own daily plan.

PLUS These High-Value Bonuses!


→ Setting Up Your Facebook Personal Profile Settings for Business Success – $97 value – I pair my screenshare tutorial on settings with an audio training on philosophy and mindset shifts that will help you rock using your personal profile to become an influencer.

→ Using Free Online Booking Systems To Fill Your Calendar With Cold Lead Appointments – $97 value – Learn exactly how I use online booking to schedule 3-5 calls a week with minimal effort. 

→ Ongoing Access to the Master Your Daily Plan private Facebook Group – $237 value – Stay plugged in to the group even after the program wraps up. Take advantage of weekly Q&A calls & interactions with Chelsea & other students ongoing for a mastermind feel!

Want To Hear Some Real Results?

Kristy & David Spring

While going through MYDP they:

  • Overcame holes in their systems & organization!
  • Saw big volume growth in their business!
  • Rank advanced to a new leadership level!
  • Qualified for their first incentive trip!
  • Had their biggest month ever in 3.5 years!!

Master Your Daily Plan is for you if you are..

  • Involved in network marketing to make a real difference for your family, community, and perhaps even a bigger mission in life…
  • Ready to shine brighter on social media and attract leads who want what you have…
  • Tired of the adrenaline-driven hustle mentality out there, and open to carving your own success journey and timeline…
  • Willing to let go old fears or limitations that are allowing you to play smaller than you deserve…
  • Committed to daily action (this is not a silver bullet), and taking full responsibility for your own personal success…
  • Sooo ready to rank advance, grow your team, and step into leadership with confidence & simple systems to help your team win too…

Then I think you would be a great fit and you should get into this online program ASAP! It is time for deserving, purpose-driven, and heart-centered network marketing entrepreneurs like yourself to shine brightly and help the people who need what you have find you!

Your success story can only be written by you!

Mary got a return on investment just from implementing the orientation materials!

Prior to going through Master Your Daily Plan (MYDP), I had very little confidence in myself or in my ability to build or lead a team. However, going back to work full time was not a desire either. I felt lost. I knew we had a wonderful, successful system in place, within our company, but I had no daily routine, no calendar, no set schedule, no written goals and no vision.

I had been following Chelsea for quite some time, through social media. She has been a mentor of mine for years, yet we had never met. I had, by now, implemented Chelsea’s “Personal Power Hour Checklist” and her “4 Simple Steps to Create a Magnetic Facebook Timeline”. I was having some success, but I could see that others seemed to be having more success and results. I wanted to know what I was doing wrong. I felt like a hamster in the wheel of unending misery, and really did not know how to move forward.

The ease and simplicity to follow the abundant resources that Chelsea provides in MYDP is phenomenal! I have invested in smaller programs in the past, through other coaches, trainers, and strategists, and was unsuccessful in completing these. The substance and conveyance of Chelsea’s programs are both stimulating and motivating. I could not wait for the next module to drop for us, and I never wanted the program to end!

As for the results, thus far, my confidence is through the roof!!! I have learned to be intentional and consistent in business and in life. I went from having no daily routine, no calendar, no set schedule, no written goals, and no vision, to working daily with RESULTS! We now have a TEAM! At present, we have more customers, and currently more leads than we know what to do with. Also, last month, before completing Master Your Daily Plan, I rank advanced two positions. While it is important to move toward financial freedom, the personal growth is of utmost importance, to me, and has been extremely thrilling! I know there is more to come…

The Return on Investment (ROI) is clear!!! The value of this and other programs that I have become skilled at, with Chelsea’s guidance, have no dollar amount!!

— Mary Tinsley


When Does the Program Begin?
As soon as you register you get access to the welcome & orientation materials, and you will have access to Bonus Modules to get started on right away. As the materials drip out to you weekly, you can set aside time to go along at the pace I suggest, or set your own pace and make your own schedule, and tune in anywhere in the world you happen to be. You will receive live support from the online community and be able to ask questions.

What If I Get Behind?
The beautiful thing about the modules being released weekly is that it gives you some suggested structure and pacing – but this is your learning experience. If you wish to save up a few weeks and binge watch, you absolutely can. If you want an estimate of time to put in, most students should be able to get through each week’s modules and thoughtfully apply what they learn to their own business in 2-3 hours a week. Beyond that, it will be up to you to actually put what you learn into action

I Am Pretty New to My Business. Is This A Good Fit For Me?
Absolutely! Developing a daily method of operation, keeping things simple, and setting yourself up for successfully growing your network and influence online sooner than later will set you up for faster, sustainable success. I would say you are in a perfect position to capitalize on what you will learn, especially if your upline or company are not super savvy on social media methods and you know that’s what you want to focus on.

If I Have a Big Team Already, Will This Be Too Basic For Me?
I am gonna go out on a limb and guess that if you have read down this far, you likely have some insecurity or concern that what you are doing online is either a) not working or b) not something others can easily duplicate. Either way – your team needs you to feel really confident on how to lead yourself, so you can lead them. Many network marketing entrepreneurs are seeking out teams that are growing online and launching team members with simple online systems. I think it’s a great investment to make sure you are leading that type of team.

Does the Program Solely Focus on Facebook?
Most of my examples and teachings will be on how to use Facebook as your primary hub for growing your personal brand. And I am a hybrid marketer using both online and offline strategies. The principles I teach can absolutely be applied to Instagram or LinkedIn. If you solely want to grow your business on SnapChat or Pinterest (2 platforms I am not that familiar with), this course may not be exactly what you are looking for, but feel free to email me so we can discuss if this is a concern:

Will I Get an ROI?
Oh good question my friend. I will answer this question with a question, like any good lawyer 😉 Are you willing to commit to get a ROI? You are in business. You know that if you take smart action in your business, you should be making more sales, recruiting new team members, rank advancing, and earning bonuses (depending on your comp plan). If I help you know how to work smarter – are you going to take the smart action? Only you know the answer. If you have a bad pattern of investing in courses and not implementing – is it time to draw a line in the sand and change that pattern? Let’s do it together!

What Accountability Is There?
We are all adults here. I am not one to handhold for my own team members, and it doesn’t resonate with me to play a bad cop role of accountability for my students. If you know that you need 1:1 accountability to hold your feet to the fire, this may not be the right program for you. You will get weekly emails and reminders about the new modules and live Q&A call time in the Facebook group, and you can be as active in the online Facebook community as you wish. You can absolutely create your own accountability between your calendar, the module schedule, and the Facebook group where you can interact with me. If you are self-motivated and plug into what’s offered with the program, you should shine!

How Much Will I Interact With Chelsea?
Chelsea is the instructor in each of the recorded modules, so you are hearing her voice, stories, and perspective on each topic. No outsourcing here. Also she does go in and answer all unique questions in the Facebook community personally, and does a weekly live video in the group addressing relevant topics and diving deep into Q&A that pops up from live viewers.

How Will I Access The Program?
The course materials and modules are hosted in a private login area through a company we use to host our courses, called Teachable. You create a password protected login area that only you can access, and your modules, workbooks, and all materials will be in one place. Then the online community is run through Facebook, and you will get an invitation as soon as you enroll in the program.

Is There a Refund Policy?
Here’s the deal. I actually don’t resonate with refunds for longer commitment learning experiences. I couldn’t get a refund on my law degree when I decided to stop practicing law. And I wouldn’t have expected one, because I learned a ton even if I am not using that information in the way I thought I would. Make sense? If you have questions about whether this will be a good investment for you, I would rather chat in advance and help you make an educated decision. Email me directly at

This was my first week using the power hour checklist. It kept me on track and gave me the things I need to focus on doing, which was always something I struggle with, not knowing exactly what i should be doing on social media and I felt like I was spending more time doing nothing.... i have had more people reach out to me this week than I have in 2 months and I’m so excited to see how this blossoms. Thank you Chelsea!
Nicole Neely
I love the clarity that the power hour checklist gives to my life! I can sit down with a specific amount of time and know what I need to do during that time! I had life happen recently and had to put a pause on this list and be intentional about working through that but because of my consistency with this list results kept coming in from previous effort!! Which is awesome! This week I had a new team member join with the largest enrollment package and it’s exciting to work with them on reaching their dreams!
Melody Sjoren

I’ve designed this course to help you master each step in creating a sustainable and successful online workflow.

Not only will you be mastering new skills in social media, you will actually be learning the principles and deepening how effective you are at running your business both online and offline.

Master Your Daily Plan is all about really treating your business like a business, instead of like a hobby.

Many courses jump right into adrenaline-driven action of sending out scripts, that feel icky immediately. Don’t worry, we will get you into action – but let’s start with a solid foundation.

Here you’ll be getting:

  • Strategy you can personalize for growing a personal brand & workflow
  • Checklists and systems you can trust for yourself and your team
  • A supportive community, with access to Q&A to personalize your learning

I get it. You may be nervous. Everyone else promises the sun and the moon in their trainings. But if you know me at all, you know I am a no BS trainer, and teach systems & principles so that you can really find your voice online, create action plans you can stick to, and trust your plan for yourself and your team.

As a start-up lawyer, turned entrepreneur & trainer, Chelsea Fournier is able to take complex topics & methods that overwhelm most entrepreneurs, and boil it all down to simple habits & actions that make a real difference in their business and income. Chelsea works with network marketing & direct sales entrepreneurs who are committed to becoming a leader & top earner in their company, but are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or confused in growing their business online. She helps them to instead master critical mindset habits for success & develop social media systems they can confidently implement & teach for consistent results & duplication. She calls this powerful combo – being high vibe & high visibility!

If you are tired of scrolling & liking, wasting time on Facebook business pages that no one sees, or feeling like you are just throwing spaghetti on the wall, it’s time to develop your own personal Facebook Power Hour Checklist. Chelsea teaches entrepreneurs how to get in, get out, and grow their brand, network, and business through their personal profile. She will help you understand how magnetizing your personal profile on Facebook can attract new customers & business conversations without needing to spend a dime on Facebook ads. 

Hundreds of students and clients tune in to Chelsea’s weekly trainings to learn simple systems to ditch the overwhelm, stop feeling sales-y and learn simple systems to confidently rock Facebook as a home-based business owner.

Chelsea is a native of Maine, and a current digital nomad growing her business online and living on the beach in North Carolina. Her husband Bernie and little black cat Nora are part of the adventure as well.

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