My 3 Minute Hack To Save All Busy Moms 182 Hours This Year! – Chelsea Fournier

My 3 Minute Hack To Save All Busy Moms 182 Hours This Year!

How Many Times A Day Does This Happen To You?


You are focused on a task, like making lunch, or getting a diaper bag packed, or even sitting down to read a book with your kiddo. And you hear it.

A ping. A beep. A vibration. A notification.

Despite your best efforts to stay focused, it pulls at your attention and you go reach for your phone.


Maybe it was something urgent you needed to see. Or maybe it was a coupon being email to you from an email list you don’t even recall getting on. Or your navigation app was suggesting a local restaurant, based on an advertiser. Or a friend liked your post from earlier in the day.


Regardless, if it wasn’t urgent, from an app you truly want to receive notifications from, you likely lost your focus for 3 minutes (or possibly way longer).


Now what if that happens 10 times a day? That racks up to a whopping 30 minutes of “lost time” you don’t get back. And over a year’s time, that adds up to 10,950 minutes, or 182.5 hours. Lost to half-hearted, multitasking, mindless phone checking.


So What Can We Do About It?


In this short video I share the 2 steps I took on my phone, that maybe took 3-5 minutes, and I am doing a self-experiment. I think it’s going to be a longstanding shift. Want to try it with me?


What Would You Do With 182.5 Hours This Year?

I would love to hear from you. Comment below if this realization of how small pockets of lost time truly add up. And what would you do with that amount of time if you reclaimed it with mindful engagement with your smartphone and social media?
And if you are realizing it would be smart to use that time to launch an online business, I couldn’t agree more, and would even love to help mentor you. Learn More about my Lifestyle Business, and how we could take that time and help you generate an additional income for your family, from your smartphone or laptop.

Is your multitasking momming style burning you out?

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