Your MLM Facebook Power Hour Checklist
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​​​​​​​7-Day Challenge: Master Your Personal Power Hour!

Can you imagine what it would be like to:
  • Confidently sit down and know exactly what to do for an hour on Facebook to grow your business?

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and confused — stop scrolling and guessing and crush it already!

  • Learn and master 4 core skills of network marketing — tweaked using social media methods to get there.

  • Have positive and powerful conversations flooding into your inbox to fill your funnel daily!
I had 2 major emotions when I saw other network marketers blowing up their businesses through Facebook:  
1. FOMO - Fear of Missing Out!

2. Overwhelm & anxiety because I didn't know what I was doing wrong!


Check your inbox for free access to my
7-Day Challenge: Master Your Personal Power Hour!

BONUS 7-Day Challenge
​​​​​​​Master Your Personal Power Hour!

Don't reinvent the wheel!
Systems and simplicity are everything in network marketing. World renowned trainer Eric Worre teaches that there are 7 core skills of network marketing. This challenge shows you how to update and translate the first 4, to modern strategies.
  • See how simple and fun it can be to database, invite, present, and follow-up like a pro through Facebook. 
  • Bonus is that your databasing will become cumulative as you attract more friends and leads to your profile! 
  • You can feel confident this isn’t a distraction for your team – it’s the guidance they are looking for!

Get more exposure for your content!
There are constantly updates to the Facebook algorithm and it’s enough to make your head spin. That’s why I teach principles, habits, and actions instead of scripts or tricks that could change just as soon as you master them.
  • Implementing the checklist daily or even every other day will start to boost the reach of your posts so that more people are actually seeing what you are doing. 
  • As you become more thoughtful about your posts and strategy you are sure to attract more people just like you (isn’t that what you want anyway?) 
  • Don’t forget about all your peeps off of Facebook or already in your funnel. The checklist also includes daily actions to reach out to warm contacts and follow-up with prospects.
What Others Are Saying!
Ann Marie Haflich

Just one of your tips about posting and comment conversations is changing the way I am building genuine relationships without being salesy. The checklist is keeping me accountable.

Shelly Schulz
I’ve learned how to take this business more seriously and also show how Facebook works to my advantage (or not). I’m seeing some change in the amount of confidence I have and I feel like I’m doing a better job of putting good vibes out into the world!
Sonja Hundley VanErdewyk

​​​​​​​I have two more customers to sign up this weekend and an appointment today. The power hours are going well! I just need to be better about scheduling my posts and get more people in the funnel!
BONUS! I teach you my strategy to prime the pump!
ITEM 1: Learn what you should be doing before and after your best posts of the week to get more organic reach!
ITEM 2: Maximizing engagement gets you more data on who the low hanging fruit in your network is to reach out to - bingo!
ITEM 3: Feel confident that you actually can understand and maximize the Facebook algorithm without needing to be an expert!
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