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Prioritize happiness & enjoy the journey

Do you feel like your nose is to the grindstone and you have got your blinders on? All those horrible phrases referencing the focus and diligence required to be uber successful as an entrepreneur can make it seem fine to shelve your own happiness to work your guts out for what you want.

Are you pushing hard towards your vision and your goals but feeling like maybe the rest of your life is slipping you by in the meantime? That’s not really why you decided to work for yourself. You imagined freedom, flexibility, and choices.

I’m not here to burst your bubble – but I would encourage you to see your path forward as an entrepreneur really as a commitment to diligence. Not only do you need to be diligent about your vision, your actions, and your commitment to success. But you also need to be diligent about your happiness.

That may seem like a weird concept. Do you really need to “work” at being happy?

Maybe. Maybe not. But if you ever find yourself saying something like “I will be happy when I just…” or “I can slow down once we reach…” then the answer is yes.

Be happy now. And celebrate and enjoy the wins and goal achievements. But don’t hang the hat of your happiness on it. Because it could take longer to get to where you want to be than you think. And you need to be your best (happy) self to get there.


If you have started really mapping out your 90 day vision and game plan – by now you should be absolutely falling in love with your vision. It becomes affirming and almost addicting to read your vision statement and feel the emotions of it coming true.

Now here’s an important question for you to consider. What if it takes 6 months for the vision to come true? What if it takes 6 years? Will it all be worth it in the end? And are you willing to shelve your life and happiness that long?

Successful entrepreneurs find a way to fall in love with the process. To enjoy the journey. To be happy while they are pursuing their dreams.

You will only be as happy as you make up your mind to be right now. You can’t change what is going on with you – until you commit to changing what is going on within you.

In the video I shared 3 strategies to prioritize your happiness & enjoy the journey. To recep – consider exploring one or all of these habits:

  1. writing in a gratitude journal or have a gratitude practice in your day
  2. forcing yourself to write a “kick-butt” list – a list of things you kick butt at lately
  3. Carve out a half-hour and go through a 3-Month Look Back Exercise

I see too many amazing entrepreneurs burn themselves out before they can make the impact they want in the world. Becoming successful as an entrepreneur requires extreme diligence, patience and commitment. But so does your life and your happiness. How you balance it all will be an ongoing journey – and could be the make or break focus for you.

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