Is it time to relaunch your business? – Chelsea Fournier

Is it time to relaunch your business?

Are you getting the kids back in to school, shifting back to normal hours at your job, or just clearing the haze of summer from your brain? I love summer, but there is always a damned-if-you-do and damned-if-you-don’t conundrum I go through.

One option is to plow through and work your guts out during the summer while everyone else is headed off the beach. In this scenario everyone things you are crazy and then you feel burned out by the time the fall swing kicks in.

The other option is to consciously allow yourself to slow down, but stay consistent in taking action so you aren’t CRAZY behind in September.

I won’t even mention the obvious third choice of totally giving up on your goals and being distracted all summer. It happens – but let’s imagine it didn’t happen for you.

No matter how you are transitioning into fall – it is 100% within your control to really launch or relaunch your business. Right now.

In my video this week I play the “tough friend” role and ask you some questions about whether you have honestly ever launched your business…? And what it could look like if you launched or relaunched this fall.


I fell into the category of slowing down but staying consistent this summer. I am happy with the growth in my business, and the fact that I was able to take a week long road trip, get to the beach, and see family. But I also spent a lot of sunny days inside my home office getting work done even though I would have preferred to be outside.

But for me consistency is KEY. I am psyched to be making my relaunch plan for the fall. But I know that if I had completely checked out it would be even that much harder to re-engage and re-commit.

What was your speed / MO this summer? Or are you reading this at a different time of year and just reassessing if it’s time to launch or relaunch?

If you found value in this post and video – I would love to hear your comments below.

Is it time to relaunch your business? // Chelsea Fournier

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