Rent is due on success EVERY day! – Chelsea Fournier

Rent is due on success EVERY day!

Take a second and think about the most successful people you know in your life. Someone you really respect and see as having created a life you can admire. Everyone defines success differently based on their priorities and goals – so I won’t go into painting a picture of what you might think that looks like.

Now close your eyes and really think about what they have accomplished, and what you imagine they have done to get to where they are.

I would be willing to bet that you are picturing someone who is disciplined, who is self-motivated, and who does what they say they will do. You may think of them as a “machine” and wonder how they get everything done that they do. Depending on how close you are to this person, you may even know more intimate details of the sacrifices they have made to stay focused.

It is rare that the person you are picturing is a one-time lottery winner, or just “hit it big” with little effort. If they seemed like an overnight success, that really just means you didn’t see what happened leading up to getting on your radar.

Success is not a destination. It is not an item on your to do list, to be checked off. Success is a mindset. It encompasses positive daily habits, following through on plans, and doing the action and the work even when it’s not convenient. 

But it’s not always easy. Because when you are taking on new things, getting into action, and shooting for bigger and bigger goals, you are inevitably going to feel resistance.

In this week’s video training I share some of my experience with resistance popping up – and the one way I have learned to best move through resistance and keep on going.

You need to remember that not every day is going to be rosy and feel super productive. Sometimes the most “important” day is the day that you are grumpy, frustrated, and ready to quit – but you do your daily checklist of tasks anyway. 

If you are tired of feeling like you are always starting over – stop giving up.

Because the truly successful in this world know that you can’t own success – you can only rent it. And rent is due every day. 

You pay rent in the form of taking action even when it’s not convenient. You pay rent when you do what you say you were going to do, even after the initial excitement and emotion has left you. You pay rent when you sit down and organize your list for the day. You pay rent when you exceed your goals for action even on a crummy day. You pay rent when you decide that you are done giving up and starting over.

My hope for you is that you can consider one way today that you can pay rent for your success. That you can shift your mindset to see a long-term game plan for success. And that you decide to make it happen.


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