Stop settling for less than you deserve – Chelsea Fournier

Stop settling for less than you deserve

If you are an entrepreneur – you need to come to terms with the fact that you are a little weird. But it’s OK. We should create a support group.

“Hi – I am Chelsea and I am an entrepreneur and want more in my life”

I wrote this post to let you know that it really is acceptable and encouraged to live an extraordinary life. To stop settling for less than you deserve in life. To go out and make it happen. So let’s talk about it.

Picture this. You work up all of your courage to start a new venture. You do your research, feel really confident that this could be a viable vehicle for you to crush your goals and finally get ahead. Maybe it’s opening a home-based business so you can earn extra income with part-time effort, on top of your day job.

Inside you are all champagne and butterflies. Excitement. Hope. Commitment.

You do what anyone would likely do when excited about something they want to share and get support on. You share your excitement and your plans with someone and they downplay your excitement, or challenge your belief about the opportunity – you get deflated and maybe even start talking yourself out of it.

The problem is this. Maybe it took you months or years to get into the right mindset to have finally worked up the courage and hope to do something better for you and your family. Then you did extensive research on your choices. You researched the products. You met people you will be working with. You know a lot more about this choice than the person you are sharing with.

From their perspective – that person you just shared this new revelation with may be in old patterns that you can relate to. Maybe they are in a state of being hopeless. Maybe they are overstressed or overwhelmed. Maybe they can’t possible be supportive or excited for you because they aren’t in that same headspace right now.

When you encounter this type of interaction, how you react make a huge difference for the rest of your life. Think about that. If it has taken you months or years to work up the courage to add something new into your life. If you start downplaying it, talking yourself out of it, or settling for less than you deserve – how long will it take you to peek your head back out again?

There are enough negative factors out there to bring our hopes down. Don’t allow your own voice to be one of the sources confirming that you should “hope less.” I think of this process as settling for the “should” – when you start talking yourself out of the venture or new project you are super excited and confident about – we always come back to what we “should” be doing instead.

“It would have taken too much time to get this started anyway – I SHOULD really just enjoy my weekends and free time.”

“I may not have been as good at this as I hope anyway – I SHOULD just focus on my day job performance and hope I get a promotion.”

But if you are a dreamer at heart – who keeps downplaying your hopes and dreams – you can wake up one day realized you have a life that feels like a “Should-Storm.” I was recently on a podcast, interviewed by Liz Theresa of Liz on Biz, and we came up with this phrase. If you want to check out the whole interview – we had a fantastic conversation on how to stop settling for less than you deserve, how to get out of the should-storm of life, and how my side gig turned into my true path and career.


I want to help you eradicate these words from your vocabulary. Ready for it? Once you read this statement you can never utter it out loud again. If this were Inspector Gadget – your device would self-destruct in 10 seconds.

The forbidden statement:

“I don’t want to get my hopes up.”

Are you freaking kidding me? Why do we say things like this? Shouldn’t we be getting our hopes up as big as possible to reach our potential? Isn’t it better to shoot for the moon so we can at least hit the stars?

So if you take one thing away from this post and from the podcast interview (highly recommend tuning in) – it should be this. If you have worked hard to build your courage and your hopes to take on something new in your life – others in your life that you share it with may not be at that same level. Your playing bigger may threaten them. It may make them nervous. It may arouse emotions in them that have NOTHING to do with you.

If you start sharing your new path with someone who is not on the same vibration or emotion level – you mau be hoping for support and excitement – and all you get is negativity and fear. Just know that their response has more to do with them and their own insecurities than a rational or logical assessment of what you are taking on.
So get your hopes up. Get them up as big as you can. And chase after your dreams. Stop settling for less than you deserve. Get out there and make it happen!


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