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Stop wasting your time on Facebook

I’m not here to tell you to stop using Facebook. But I am here to tell you that if you aren’t staying up to date on changes happening with the goals and algorithms of Facebook – you may be wasting your time. Things change quickly and if you are doing “what worked” to gain exposure and engagement on Facebook 6 months ago, your efforts may be going unnoticed and time wasted.

You see 6 months ago many of the experts were telling us entrepreneurs to focus on growing LIKEs on a business page, to post 3-6 times a day on our personal profile, and to scroll and LIKE people’s posts to make it more likely that they would see your content.

Yeah. None of that works anymore. So if your upline or mentor are telling you to do this because it worked for them. Well…times have changed.

Now business pages are best for businesses with an ad spend budget (or NO one sees your posts), you need to post less to be seen more (seems counter-intuitive but true), scrolling and like-ing could be making it so less people are seeing your content, and you may be missing golden opportunities to play nice the way Facebook wants you to.

I shared a Tribe Exclusive training over in my Tribe of Intentional Entrepreneurs group this week and thought it was worth sharing. If you want to be included in future trainings for free, hop into the group and stay up to date with best practices for your business.

If you are trying to develop a daily method of operation to maximize the current best practices on Facebook for your personal profile, here are some take-away tips:

  • Put out 2 high quality posts a day, mixing up format of images, text posts, and live videos.
  • Try out the 10/10 Formula for at least one of the posts each day for a few weeks and see if your engagement begins to grow.
  • Set aside time to circle back and private message the people who engage with your content. Don’t ignore a raised hand.

Things will definitely change or need tweaking 6 months from now. Which is why I encourage learning habits, strategies, and philosophies, that can be tweaked as new best practices emerge.

If you found value in this post and video – I would love to hear your comments below.

Stop wasting your time on Facebook // Chelsea Fournier

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