Specific Stress Management Tips For The Busy Mom – Chelsea Fournier

Specific Stress Management Tips For The Busy Mom

Have you ever heard this saying?


The straw that broke the camel’s back. 

Now for the rest of this blog episode, I want you to picture that you are the camel, and each straw on your back is a specific stressor.

In this video blog episode, I’m going to talk about why stress management is important for moms, and a specific technique to visualize the categories of self-care and support you may need to be your best self.

So many mindset and motivation experts talk about what to do on a small scale to minimize stress. Have a morning practice, meditate, tap into self-care. But I share specific examples, to make sure you do not end up sideswiped by one too many stressors, that takes you out.

I am going to help you make sure you never get to that breaking point, and ideally are able to manage the stressors in your life well before that point.


Listen in for full episode:

So here’s a quick breakdown for you note-takers…


You can find ways to strengthen the camel (YOU) and also find ways to minimize the amount of straws you bear (stressors).


Strengthen the camel in these 3 categories:












-gut health

Spiritual / Grounding

-meditation or prayer




Reduce your load of straws

You can’t control all of the stressors coming at you. But my suggestion is to assess what’s going in on your life, things competing for your time, energy, and decision-making load, and find what you can:



-release expectations around


If you want to learn more about activation, the nootropics Focus Fuel I mentioned, or gut health support, or if you want 15 minutes with me to chat and lay out 2 simple steps or resources for you to put yourself on your own darn front burner, book a Focus & Power Up call with me today. IN 15 minutes, we can get to the heart of the most impactful changes you can make in your journey to more activated living.


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