The lesson of popcorn and patience – Chelsea Fournier

The lesson of popcorn and patience

Reality check. One of my pet peeves could save you self judgment and heartbreak.

There are too many people talking about their “overnight success” – leading you to believe there is something WRONG with you if you aren’t seeing crazy results right off the bat. Entrepreneurs need to look at information and results with a critical eye. It serves no one to over-promise, or play down the effort it takes to achieve significant success.

I am not known for my PATIENCE – in fact I am known among my family and friends for having very little patience. But I am trying to help myself reframe my expectations on how quickly things can happen. And more importantly I am talking myself into staying the course long enough to get real results.

Too many entrepreneurs get distracted by the “shiny object syndrome” and abandon their course of action to try something new, that might get them a faster result. But staying the course will lead to results. If given enough time and progress.

I like the analogy of popcorn. You don’t take the heat off the pan of popcorn the second the first kernel pops. Nope – that is when you start shaking the pan up and keeping constant heat on. That first sign of progress isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning.

I am a hard worker. I would rather know what I am getting into, and know that my efforts and commitment will be worth it. Will result in something I truly want and desire.

In life we feel the first pop of success, and then start to freak out that it’s not happening quickly enough. Don’t judge your potential by the first glimmer of success. Know that you need to give yourself the time to learn the skills, to evolve your plan and vision, and allow momentum to gain traction.

How can you shift your mindset towards patience, and act more like popcorn in your life and your business right now?

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