Truth ? – the 2 things top recruiters and enrollers are doing online that you aren’t

So maybe you are doing these two things. But if you aren’t getting the results you want, growing your network marketing business online, it’s always worth checking in to stay focused on what will move the dial forward the most for you.


I see a lot of people out there like a friend of mine, let’s call her Erica [made up name]. Erica is posting on Facebook 2-3 times a day. She seems to be active on her profile. But when it comes down to it – even though she is putting a lot of posts out there – I don’t feel like I really know her through her profile.


Erica is sharing other people’s content, posting fun quotes, maybe some company created content, some before and after images relating to her products and sharing funny GIFs (I love me a cute GIF). She spends most of her time on Facebook actually finding content to post, putting it out there, and then hoping that people will message her and reach out about her product or business.


She is sitting there wondering what more she could do. How much more time she could really put into this without getting results, and what is missing.


In this video I share with you something you may not want to hear. But you need to. The top 2 things that top earners and recruiters in network marketing on are focusing on – both online and offline.

I have a feeling that part of your desire to be successful in launching and running your business is to make a bigger impact on the world. You want to add value. And you need to own that being your best self, putting yourself out there, and being proactive to talk to seek out and talk to amazing leads and prospects is now the name of the game.


Here’s the deal – if you are catching this video blog after the 5-day challenge I mentioned is over, make sure to join my online community – the Tribe of Intentional Entrepreneurs. If the challenge is over, but this really speaks to you – I would be happy to point you in the right direction of resources I recommend.

Truth 💣 - the 2 things top recruiters and enrollers are doing online that you aren’t // Chelsea Fournier