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What do you stand for? Exploring your personal brand

I have a theory about why many entrepreneurs fail before they get traction in their business. But I think it’s a pretty solid theory. So bear with me.

Many entrepreneurs get really caught up in “selling” and “convincing” people that what they have to offer is the best thing since sliced bread. But they don’t take the time to really establish themselves as an authority to listen to or trust. So even their ideal audience – who may actually want exactly what they are offering – do not take them seriously or tune into them long enough to get the 5-7 touches of information it often takes to convert a prospect into a buyer.

Entrepreneurs are typically extremely passionate about their solution and are convinced that everyone has a problem they can solve. But not everyone takes the time to formulate real strategy around marketing themselves and their solution in a way that people want to listen to and engage with.

And let’s be honest. For better or worse (I think mostly better) – social media and smart phones allow passionate entrepreneurs to be sharing their message constantly through a mini media outlet. This can be done well – or we all know it can be done in a SPAM-y manner that turns you off as a potential consumer.

Isn’t there a person in your social media world that you have “unfollowed” because you were tired of seeing their incessant promotional posts, content, and links.

In this recent video I talk about why the only way to be successful “selling” your product, service, or ideas on social media is to see yourself as a brand and market yourself. You don’t need a big expensive PR company to get started – you just need some strategy.


Lots of people are creating content on social media, and even starting to create live videos (which is an awesome way to grow and clarify your brand) – however very few people are curating their brand in a way that has strategy and consistency.

If you can get in touch with your personal brand, and post with purpose, you are stepping into a much more intentional path that will begin to catch people’s attention.

If I can be of assistance to help you clarify your vision, your strategy, or your implementation, please feel free to reach out – or comment your questions below.

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