What is AXIO drink, and can it save my working mom sanity? – Chelsea Fournier

What is AXIO drink, and can it save my working mom sanity?

Are working moms on a course to overload?


Would you agree with me that the current generation of working moms is on overload, and set to implode on any given day?

No generation of women has been juggling more on a day to day basis, than the modern working mom navigating pandemic life.

Your brain is exhausted. Saying you are tired doesn’t quite explain how you feel.

Managing virtual school or confusing school schedules and requirements, monitoring screen time, working from home or changes to what work looks like, maybe too many people and too many emotions and energy in one house ALL THE TIME.

Plus so much information bombarding you about all the things going on in every crevice of the world on the media. Then other moms mom-shaming you, judging the tough decisions you are navigating every day.

I truly don’t understand how parents make it through life without AXIO. We call it parenting patience, we call it focus fuel, we call it calm energy. It should be a crime to be juggling all the things without this simple tool in your tool belt.

So today I will break down what the AXIO drink is, how it works, and how it could truly save your sanity as a working mom, juggling pandemic life for the forseeable future.


Let’s chat about AXIO drink and how it can help save your sanity


In this video, I’m going to talk about what AXIO drink is, how it works on a science level, AND help you understand why all working and multitasking moms can see huge benefits from this simple daily habit, especially in the modern age of managing extremely high levels of stress for yourself, your family, and changes happening on the regular during pandemic life.

AXIO is a Nootropic drink, and helps your brain perform at a higher level, in ways that no other energy drink, electrolyte drink, or pre-workout possibly can. If you have tried another brand of natural energy drink and it didn’t do it for you, you are coming to the right place. Looking to replace coffee, sugar-y drinks, or unhealthy energy solutions? I got you.



Did you resonate with stories of either mom I shared in the video?


For me, I am a 2 AXIO a day mama. I love Sour Cherry or Green Grape in the AM, and then I mix up a red rasbperry AXIO wtih my favorite prebiotic gut health support as well, for a nice fruity punch flavor, and clarity, focus & motivation into the evening.

On days I may miss my normal AXIO routine, I find myself making all these great plans about what I will do when my son is asleep at night…but then by the time that comes, I am exhausted and ready to talk myself into a netflix binge instead. I am much more interested in bingeing on my goals, my priorities, and my game plan than I am every episode of the newest show.

Comment below what original flavor you would be most interested in, and message me if you want to know if there are any limited time flavors out right now.

And if you are already an AXIO lover, comment below how it makes you feel. It just may encourage another mama to take a chance and unlock the other 90% of her brain, and that’s something you can feel great about!

If you want to learn more about this natural nootropic energy option, or if you want 15 minutes with me to chat and lay out 2 simple steps or resources for you to put yourself on your own darn front burner, book a Focus & Power Up call with me today. IN 15 minutes, we can get to the heart of the most impactful changes you can make in your journey to more activated living.

Is your multitasking momming style burning you out?

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