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Want to hear what it looks like to work with me to mentor you on launching & growing a business from home?

Are you looking for a legit and proven way to work from home, and become a successful entrepreneur?

Are you in love with the profession of network marketing, and the idea of residual income, but just haven’t found your right home yet?

If you fall into either of these 2 categories, keep reading!

Can you relate to me?

I was working a full-time job as an attorney back in 2013. I was a newlywed. I was living in a condo. I seemed to have it all going for me.

Except for the fact that I was constantly stressed out, spread thin, and trying to find a way to live my life in pockets of time around work and commitments.

Enough was enough. I was sick and tired of not having enough time, energy, money, or flexibility to live the life I had set out to create.

I was devouring podcasts, reading books about becoming an entrepreneur, even took my hand at launching an online business from the ground up. I knew I wanted a Plan B – I dreamed of having a business I could run from home. But I didn’t think I had what it took to make it come together for me.

I was the weirdo Googling at midnight

In a fit of insomnia, or stress, or both – I would sometimes find myself entering search strings into Google like:

* how can I earn a living working from home?

* are there legit ways to run an online business?

* what to look for in a home-based business.

I was open. I was at high noon. I didn’t know what the solution or answer was – but I wasn’t going to say NO to an opportunity if it fell into my lap.

And it did. Thank goodness I took a look. My older sister had a rare opportunity to be one of the first in our corner of the US to learn about a product line and a company that was looking to expand. It was my year to be open-minded and find a solution – so I took a serious look.

Can I be really honest? I never saw myself getting involved with network marketing.

but once I learned about this opportunity –
I couldn’t shake the possibility.

what i learned is that the company we chose to align with is not just any Home-based business. Our company is designed to help you start your business, get a quick return on your investment, and earn long-term residual income.

We are here to support you every step of the way as you work to create and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

We are here as you build your business and as you embark on your journey of personal development of helping yourself and others find financial freedom – and better health through a cutting edge area of natural health and science.


A radical change. Paying our customers.

Why did this opportunity intrigue this skeptical lawyer?

I think it’s important to know WHY a company is doing what it does, rather than just the facts. The truth is, our company started out as a retail-focused biotech company. But 8 years ago we made a bold choice – we pulled our successful products off the shelves. Being a part of big box stores felt like it was going against everything we stood for, so we chose then and there to stop lining their pockets and start paying our customers.

That sounds crazy, but we realized something. Our success wasn’t due to fancy packaging or expensive marketing – it was because our customers loved their results and couldn’t help but tell others about their experience. So if our customers’ success stories were fueling our own, why not pay them for it?

We turned our entire business model upside down, and never looked back.

Reaching back to our pioneering science roots, we systematically analyzed what it takes to start and run a business. We removed roadblocks, retooled our strategy, and hacked the business status quo for entrepreneurs like you.

So, yes – this skeptical lawyer decided to align with a nasdaq publicly traded company, with patent protected and science-backed products, and a whole lot of heart.

Here’s what happened next. Some of my core launch team ran hard together to the top 1% of the company. We then huddled up & declared our mission is to help people create life on purpose

We decided to lead by example, and support our team with heart and with real training and resources for success. 

so our team was born:
Inspire Action Today!


MESSAGE ME: STEPS and we can get started

Build your own business without the anxiety.

We take the fear out of the unknown with a training and support system designed to help you hit the ground running and build a successful business. From personal mentors and support groups to training events and 24/7 customer support, you have all the help you need.

Stop trading your time for money. Earn leveraged income.

In a traditional model your income is directly limited by the hours you work. When you sell LifeVantage products you earn leveraged income — you get paid every time your customer reorders. In other words, time spent developing a customer a few months back can still be filling your wallet today.

Invest in yourself, not office space and computers.

Paperwork, logistics, hiring, websites, marketing, sales metrics — all stressful, time-sucking aspects of running a business. So we removed them. We give you the tools you need to manage your business all from your phone. Leaving you time to do what matters – the stuff that earns you money.

Join a team that holds to a higher standard.

One of our core values is integrity, which is why we always shoot each other straight. So in 2012 we chose to become publicly traded on the NASDAQ and make all our business dealings public record. If you want to build a business once, that can become your legacy to your family and community, you will fit right in.

Be part of a meaningful movement, that truly is for anybody.

We are a team of life-minded, health-activated individuals. We strive to push each other and grow together to improve our health, our mindset, our personal growth, our skillsets, and our financial future. This once small groundswell of biohackers is turning into a global movement.

Hack your free-time or join us in a part-time or full-time endeavor.

We know what it takes to launch and run a successful business (other than lots of caffeine). Whether you’re just looking to earn some extra pocket money or you want to build your own full-time business, LifeVantage fits into the life you want to live. In fact, we have an earnings claim statement that will show you just what is possible as we get going.


MESSAGE ME: STEPS and we can get started

What our corporate team provides:

In addition to taking care of all of the logistics of legal, customer service, manufacturing, product fulfillment, tech development and support, legal, and business growth, here’s what else you can expect to rely on as you partner with the leading company in nutrigenomics:

→ Free access to a beautiful e-commerce website and business management app, with simple checkout, enrollment, and education resources for your prospects and customers.

→ Print and online marketing materials (blogs, landing page, videos) to launch your business, whether you are tech-savvy or an aspiring online entrepreneur.

→ Virtual and/or in-person training opportunities, as well as a global convention annually, intended to help you cut your learning curve, grow your leadership, and increase your income and influence.

What Inspire Action Today team provides:

As a team we recognize that everyone has different goals, strengths, and visions for how they want to grow their business. That’s why we offer virtual trainings, community, and support, connecting our team members globally around a common mission through:

→ Simple and duplicatible onboarding and training documents and videos, hosted on our team website, accessible globally.

→ Weekly team Zoom call with training, inspiration, and community to help you get launched and running!

→ 5 live Opportunity Zooms run and presented by team leadership, that you can plug your interested prospects into. Virtual business without the hassle or headache of high tech.

→ Personal mentoring in your first 90 days, ongoing support and accountability to match your goals and action, and a fun and supportive atmosphere where everyone matters!

→ Training on how to implement our simple 3-step exposure process, that will help you get this information out to your network in a high vibe way!


MESSAGE ME: STEPS and we can get started

Joining our team is for you if you are…

  • Open to the network marketing business model. If it’s new to you, I can help you understand why our opportunity checks off all the boxes of what you look for in this industry.
  • Not afraid of hard work. Your dreams are big – and this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Myself and your team leaders will be teaching you how to build a sustainable business that lasts.
  • At least a little tech savvy. You don’t have to be a web guru (heck I am not!) – if you have a personal Facebook account, a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and are a quick learner, you should be good to go.
  • Purpose-driven. If you are. only in this for money, I can tell you right now we won’t jive, and your efforts will flop. If you have a bigger purpose for your goals, the income you want to generate, or the impact in the health & wellness field, there’s no better place than right here to make your splash!

If you think you would be a great fit – you should book a time with me ASAP! It is time for deserving, purpose-driven, and heart-centered network marketing entrepreneurs like yourself to shine brightly and make a bigger impact in this world.

Your success story can only be written by you!
I would be thrilled to walk alongside you.

How does the business side of things work?

Whether you’re looking for some extra pocket money or a full-time side gig, we give you the platform and tools you need to start your business. It’s time to start writing your own unique success story and launch your business!

I care a lot about the mission and WHY of companies and movements I align with. Maybe this short mission video will help you connect with what we are working on!

As a start-up lawyer, turned entrepreneur & network marketing professional, Chelsea Fournier is able to take complex topics & methods that overwhelm most entrepreneurs, and boil it all down to simple habits & actions that make a real difference in their business and income. Chelsea personally mentors the individuals she brings into the team, and also helps plug them into team and corporate training options, to continue to grow and improve the results of their actions. But it’s not all about learning – she encourages her team members to learn through action, to shadow her behaviors, and gives feedback and support ongoing. She helps her team members master critical mindset habits for success & develop social media systems they can confidently implement & teach for consistent results & duplication. She calls this powerful combo – being high vibe & high visibility!

Chelsea and her husband call a little beach town in North Carolina home, and spend their time when not growing the business online, chasing their bouncing and bubbly little boy.

MESSAGE ME: STEPS and we can get started

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