Get WYW (What You Want) out of your business – Chelsea Fournier

Get WYW (What You Want) out of your business

I built my first generation of success in network marketing using old school methods. It was what was taught to me and I am coachable and eager. So I was hosting and presenting at home meetings, hotel meetings, driving around to have coffee with everyone, and driving hours to support my growing team in-person.

But I knew there had to be a better way. I wasn’t looking to abandon entirely WW (What Worked) for my to build my business – but I kept asking myself is this really WYW (What You Want)?

I knew I wanted to find strategies that would allow me to use the best of both worlds. To play to my introverted strengths as opposed to draining my batteries. To leverage my part-time effort to become more effective and impactful. To help more people in a real way.

So I threw myself into learning online strategies for relationship building – and my shift also coincided with the shift of my company becoming one of the industry leaders in utilizing technology and social media to build a home-based business.

So now. I focus on WYW. I build my home-business from home. I help other super busy entrepreneurs maximize their reach and their time by utilizing actual strategy online – instead of throwing spaghetti and SPAM against the wall (you know what I mean).

Is your multitasking momming style burning you out?

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