Do you wish you had someone you can trust to help you develop your personal brand and daily method of operation online?

You know that you need a social sales strategy for you and your team. You want to be attracting more leads to talk to daily, and knowing what to do to nurture those new contacts into sales, enrollments, and referrals.

And you are well aware that your team members are looking for guidance on how to really launch & lead out as a team to grow momentum online.

Perhaps you don’t resonate with the hustle 24/7 culture of many trainers & coaches in our space. Maybe you want someone who will helP you break this all down and create a strategy that really works for you.

You know you can have success growing your business online. You don’t want to look back with regret that you didn’t take the time to master the new skills of social selling while it was booming.



The reality is, as you spend more time on social media working to grow your own network, brand, and influence – you are inevitably going to come across others who seem to be light years ahead of you.

It can be enticing to just watch what they are doing, and try to reverse engineer. Seems harmless. At first.

Until you inevitably fall into the trap of comparitis, or of sounding like a mish mash of all the people you are following and trying to mimic.

I was spending hours a day listening to other people’s live videos, trying to dissect how they made sales off their posts, and reverse engineering multiple different strategies. Because of all of these influences and content, I was accidentally showing up on social media in my posts in a very inauthentic way.

And people online can smell inauthentic a mile away.

So the more I implemented what I saw working for other people, the less I sounded like myself, and the less engagement and results I got from my posting.


And speaking of the posting. I was focusing too much on that activity. I felt like having a post get high engagement was the end all / be all goal. I didn’t really see the forest for the trees, that posting is just the jumping off point, to generate and nurture leads, to bring people into an online workflow to generate sales and business conversations.

I was spending way too much time (an embarrassing amount of my day) coming up with content, in hopes of crushing it with likes & comments, and not really knowing what to do with them when they did trickle in.


And then I finally decided to treat this like a business. To really map out in my brain the steps I was trying to bring my contacts through, and how my efforts online could actually increase my sales & recruitment.

I boiled it down to a few categories of actions I realized I had to (and actually could) take every day, to keep my funnel filled and creating results.


Keep It Simple Sweetie 🙂

The simpler I kept things, the more likely I was to stick with taking action with consistency. I found that the less I worried about all the bells and whistles of social media, and tactics that seem to change every 5 days, I could rely on a few behaviors daily to get traction. I decided to focus on my strategy, trust the process, and allow the results to unfold. And once I was getting good results, my team wanted to know what I was doing as well.

I found it all boiled down...

I streamlined my actions down to make sure I was hitting on My 6 Social Power Habits daily!

  • Staying High-Vibe
  • Mastering Communication
  • Attracting New Leads
  • Nurturing Leads & Building Relationship
  • Bringing Leads Through My Online Workflow
  • Duplicating My Simple Steps
I realized that if I could break these core areas of focus down into smaller steps & skills to improve upon, I could find my own voice, master my daily actions, and find success without having to sound like anyone else, and I could even get faster and more efficient at it all!

and then i discovered my super power!

I discovered that not everyone’s brain works the way that mine does. Maybe it’s my wacky combination of being a lawyer,  and business coach, as well as a systems-based thinker with a lot of creativity…but I found that when I talked to other network marketing and direct sales professionals, I saw a gap in what was being taught in the industry.

I have an innate ability to help people just like you – to write their own success story.

What do I mean by that?

I can help you map out a daily plan that suits your goals, your voice, your lifestyle, and your unique company and team culture. I can help you see the gaps in your systems and stop them up.

i can help you develop your very own social sales strategy that you can trust & teach going forward!

is designed just for you!

Your Social Sales Strategy

Your 4-Month Package Includes:

  • 8 40-minute coaching sessions

    Coaching sessions are run through Zoom video conference, so we can share screens, look through your profile, get hands on together, and you can even record the session to reflect back on.

  • Email support for 4 months

    Only YSSS clients get direct email coaching from me, able to ask me questions, get feedback on posts, and deepen our work together between sessions.

  • Accountability & Creativity

    Many clients find that the time we have together serves as their own accountability and self-motivation to follow-through even if they are scared. And I love brainstorming titles, catchy headlines, and ideas for you - yours to keep & use!

  • Investment Amount: $2,497

    Payment can be made in full for the best pricing, or a payment plan of 4 monthly installments of $675 is also available upon request.

What will we be working on together each session?

In our first session, we will drill down to get super clear about what a successful social sales strategy would look and feel like, you to! We will then start working through My 6 Social Power Habits to start assessing what you feel strong in already, and what areas we need to dive into the most.

No coaching client progresses through sessions the same as another – because this is 100% customized to you, your voice, your strengths, weaknesses, fears, and action!

Rita Townsend

Sarah Kuhn

Your Social Sales Strategy - $2,497 or 4 Payments of $675

Apply now & grab a time for a discovery call together!

Your Social Sales Strategy is for you if you are..

  • Already leading a team (from a team of 2 to a team of 20,000) and realizing you need to step up your game on social media and knowing what you want duplicated in your team.
  • Motivated to take action on social media – our sessions will fall flat quickly if we spend all the time talking about why you haven’t been doing what we have strategized.
  • Ready to make the next 4 months a catalyst for huge growth in your own sales and recruitment, so that you can lead by example and prove that your methods work!
  • Moderately tech savvy & present on social media already. I am the most patient and simple trainer you will come by, but if we have nothing to work with, it may not be the right time for us to work together 1:1.

If this sounds like you, then I would love to hop on a call with you, and help you get started with Your Social Sales Strategy. I only take a handful of clients at a time, so make sure to apply, book a discovery call, and if I am at capacity, we can brainstorm what other resources I have may be best for you until I have availability. Win-win.

Misha Mosebar

Your Social Sales Strategy - $2,497 or 4 Payments of $675

Apply now & grab a time for a discovery call together!

Heidi Schumacher

I am a network marketing professional in the skincare field. I have been in the business for two years and when I started with Chelsea I was really feeling like I had reached a plateau after a steady growth spurt. I felt like I was spinning my wheels a lot trying to figure out the best way to do this, that and the other thing with all the changes constantly happening in social media marketing. 

I lacked a plan and I needed to increase my efficiency. I am building a big business in part-time hours and I needed to be able to capitalize on any time available that I had. Chelsea worked closely with me to determine where/why I was feeling stuck, to help me implement strategies that felt true to my character and encouraged me to use my creativity in meaningful ways each day. 

Since completing her program, I have increased my network significantly, have more leads to talk to, feel confident in what to say and what steps to lead interested individuals through to figure out if they are a good fit. I have created resources for my team that have increased duplication and breathed new life into their businesses, as well. I feel I am a more confident leader and “go to work” with a plan each day and that feels amazing! Chelsea’s individualized help was key to this transformation. 


When Would Our Time Together Begin?
Your 4-month program begins on the date of your first session with me. So if you pay right after our Discovery Call to secure your spot, but can’t start coaching for any reason for a week or so, you won’t be cutting into your time to use your 8 sessions with me.

What If I Feel a Little Social Media Challenged?
Many of my private clients are actually more mature, and grew up in an era without social media. So if I can help get them up and running doing live videos and content batching, I have faith in you too! I am very patient, can use screensharing and tutorials to our advantage during sessions, and will meet you where you. are at – if you are willing to do the work you should be fine.

How much will we interact?
You will have access to me for 8 40-minute sessions, to be. run by Zoom. In between Zoom sessions you also have access to email coaching and support (within reason), for brainstorming, getting feedback, and deepening the work we do in session. I will also be watching your videos, reviewing your posts, and giving feedback on your page, group, or other platforms you want my eyeballs on while we are working together.

What if I don’t have a team or organization yet?
Honestly – this program will likely still be incredibly helpful for you. However, if the investment is steep as you get your business growing, I might recommend my group coaching program Master Your Daily Plan, to help you get into a daily method of operation to help you recruit your first team members and get greater impact out of private coaching with me. But if you are serious about potentially investing in this program if we decide it’s the right fit for you, feel free to apply & we can chat about your goals and starting point on the Discovery Call.

What Accountability Is There?
I am not a very good coach for someone who just wants to “pay to have someone put their feet tot he fire.” While accountability is an important part of the coaching relationships, I work best with self-motivated action-takers, so we have some new content, wins and failures to coach on. and tweak most sessions. Also, you are sent a pre-session and post-session form to fill out, so that we always make sure to hit on what a is most important to you during our session, and I can send resources or content that may help you between sessions based on your feedback. If you keep the feedback and accountability loop tight, you are likely to get. amazing results!

Will This Be Overwhelming?
You know how I am kind of obsessed with systems? Well so is my assistant. As soon as you enroll in this package, you get a welcome email with everything you need to know about scheduling, payment plans, and getting the most out of our sessions. Your pre-session & post-session forms are made handy to you on a weekly basis, and scheduling is in your control through my online booking calendar. If something is ever not. working for you, we will make it right. It won’t be overwhelming from our end. And as we work on your high-vibe habits, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Is There a Refund Policy?
Here’s the deal. I actually don’t resonate with refunds for longer commitment learning experiences. I couldn’t get a refund on my law degree when I decided to stop practicing law. And I wouldn’t have expected one, because I learned a ton even if I am not using that information in the way I thought I would. Make sense? If you have questions about whether this will be a good investment for you, and whether you will be committed to put the time & action in to grow your business, let’s talk about that. on a Discovery Call together.

This was my first week using the power hour checklist. It kept me on track and gave me the things I need to focus on doing, which was always something I struggle with, not knowing exactly what i should be doing on social media and I felt like I was spending more time doing nothing.... i have had more people reach out to me this week than I have in 2 months and I’m so excited to see how this blossoms. Thank you Chelsea!
Nicole Neely

As a start-up lawyer, turned entrepreneur & trainer, Chelsea Fournier is able to take complex topics & methods that overwhelm most entrepreneurs, and boil it all down to simple habits & actions that make a real difference in their business and income. Chelsea works with network marketing & direct sales entrepreneurs who are committed to becoming a leader & top earner in their company, but are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or confused in growing their business online. She helps them to instead master critical mindset habits for success & develop social media systems they can confidently implement & teach for consistent results & duplication. She calls this powerful combo – being high vibe & high visibility!

If you are tired of scrolling & liking, wasting time on Facebook business pages that no one sees, or feeling like you are just throwing spaghetti on the wall, it’s time to develop & master Your Social Sales Strategy. Chelsea teaches entrepreneurs how to get in, get out, and grow their brand, network, and business through their personal profile. She will help you understand how magnetizing your personal profile on Facebook can attract new customers & business conversations without needing to spend a dime on Facebook ads. 

Hundreds of students and clients tune in to Chelsea’s weekly trainings to learn simple systems to ditch the overwhelm, stop feeling sales-y and learn simple systems to confidently rock Facebook as a home-based business owner.

Chelsea is a native of Maine, and a current digital nomad growing her business online and living on the beach in North Carolina. Her husband Bernie and little black cat Nora are part of the adventure as well.

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